Hello EB readers and  fan base, hope you had a nice weekend. Our post on exclusive interviews today would be on an individual by the name “SIMPLY SIMPLE” !! . I am very sure some of you might be wondering what kind of name that is  ? or who he is ? . Well that is what we are all going to find out , so tag along this interesting ride as we get to unravel our doubts and questions. Not to forget in case you have more questions for him , kindly drop them in the comments area and you would be answered definitely. ciao!!!

Q: Hello , please introduce yourself ?

A:I  Am simplysimple and my real names are Ajayi Olusuyi Kolamide,a singer,song-writer,a performer and and entertainer.

Q:Tell us about yourself ?

A: Hmmm,thats huge,lol..well,am reserved,easy-going but very inquisitive

Q.  So gist us about your growing up days till recent and how was growing up like for you ?

A : I grew up in Ekiti state/Lagos state from a family of twelve (yea,i know what you’re thinking,we’re a football team with one player reserve player…lol),am the tenth child,went to UNAD staff school which was the then OSUA staff school and proceeded to state government college Ado before graduating as an industrial chemist in LAUTECH(ladoke akintola university of technology).

Growing up was fun for me..my parents were not super rich but then we were not poor..i was given everything i needed when i needed it and what made it more interesting was the fact that i have tall brothers and sisters..so nobody dare touch me…lmafo.so i walk majestically in and out of every territory as if my father owns it…hmm,gone were those days.lol.

Q: Wow in your mind*winks* !!! so I am talking to an industrial chemist “smiles” .That is  interesting  o ! So what motivated you most into your career ?

A:The fact that i love to make people laugh,make them forget their sorrowful moment was one thing that prompted me into my career.So when i perform on stage back then in school people tend to laugh and ask if i was drunk or something(lol…dont ask if i was drunk all those times o) the answer is definitely no,i did all that to entertain my friend, its just what i love doing and i was happy doing it despite the fact that i wasnt paid for it…and i would say that is still my driving force till date,when am on stage i just jonz..and make sure the little time i spend on stage isnt a waste of time.

Q:Tell us something about you that  is new or fresh,  is there any upcoming project ?

A : Yea..i just dropped two singles (koga and omode) and the video should be coming up soonest.

Q:Congrats . Who and what inspires you ?

A: GOD is my source of inspiration and also  i  am a good listener,which means i allow other people’s story inspire me and also am a lover of nature,so every natural thing around stir up something in me and the people who has inspired me….hmmmmmm,they are much o,lol…starting with legends like Micheal jackson,Rkelly,ludacris(internationally) and then King Sunny Ade,shina peters,Fela anikulapo and many more,trust me,i cant stop counting so lets just dropped it..lol.

Q: What is  your philosophy on dressing ? what dictates your fashion sense ?

A: I like it simple with a touch of class…*winks*

Q :Tell us about  your academic background ,how did ur family and friends take your change considering you studied something else in school ?

A:  like i said earlier,i went to UNAD staff school which was the then OSUA staff school and proceeded to state government college Ado before graduating as an industrial chemist in LAUTECH(ladoke akintola university of technology.

Q: Well as you have said i can see  that  yours wasn’t that a struggle . So what challenges do u face in your career ?

A : I would say have being favored because i havent had much challenges since i ventured into this career or maybe i havent being taken note sha.I was still in school when BAY production signed me,and that is one challenge alot of artistes face and since then,for me,the task has being easier than expected….all thanks to GOD.**dancing**..lol.

Q: Any role models , heroes and/or  mentors ?

A : I have more than one,hope my case isnt different,lol. Everybody that has inspired me has being my model…but them i pick a couple of artistes here in Nigeria as my role-models cos they have their uniqueness..Tuface for his humility,Dbanj for his stage-performance,Asa for how she delivers her songs.

Q:How do you manage ur female fans ?

A:  Like i kept telling everybody,am not building a fanbase,everybody associated with me are my family..hence i treat them like family…

Q: relationship status

A:  I am single

Q : Ahan !!!! i am surprised o . Anyway what advice do u have for upcoming and new artist in nigeria and also ur fans

A: I do tell people humility does it all,everybody wants to be like Tuface but they do not want to exercise his humility,it doesnt work that way and also,you should know that whatever you are,and own is a privilege,so dont intimidate others with your privilege..i dont have fans but families..so to every family who has listened,liked,commented about me and my songs(both positively and negatively),i want to say a big thank you…you wanted me to improve that was why you dropped those comments,i really cant thank you guys enough….thanks alot.and GOD bless you all…i love you all.

Q: What label are u signed into nd how easy or lets say difficult was it to get into it ?

A :  I am signed to BAY Productions,the same label jhybo is signed to,it wasnt hard i would say…BAY came into Nigeria from UK and wanted to sign a couple of artiste and someone who knew me back then in school introduced me to them and after hearing ,my single they showed interest.

Q: What brought you into limelight?
A : My first single titled butterfly produced by Mac vanse which i feature jhybo was the song that brought me out,the video was played all around radio and television station in Nigeria and Channel O in South Africa.

Q:How many artiste have u performed with?
A :have performed alongside a couple of Nigeria big names Eldee,brymo,jhybo,konga,olamide,tiwa salvage,davido to mention but a few…

Q:What do you think is unique bout u?

A : I think the fact that am never contented with what i do,makes me unique cause it makes me want to do more.

It was nice meeting and chatting with you .

Below are the links to his relaesed songs , dont forget to download them o!

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  1. hmmm..aiit,this guy isnt bad looking to start with.i kinda like the way he played around every question.plus have heard one of his singles…(omode)…that is something new and unique…please can i have your number or pin…plssssss,eva can u help out.lol

  2. @simpleofbay first and formost cool story I love the part of you having tall brothers and sister so nobody can touch you in your hood..secondly I love your songs three of them are hit tracks and it is hard to see an artist that can do that..simple you’re the man..

  3. Nice one…eva ú’re doing ä good job,A̶̲̥̅m happy ú cud bring this dude here.i luv butterfly Ãήϑ omode..simplysimple,the sky is úr starting point…keep uup the good work.

  4. Simply 2 fine ooo,make u know no my GF ooo,lol,well I really like all ur suft man,just keep it up n’ wish u gud luck in life

  5. Keep up the good work man,the sky is not just your staring point,your starting point is far above the sky…niceone