Not quite long , a popular model was caught breastfeeding a calf at a zoo and this time around another woman has been caught breastfeeding a monkey . like seriously????

The woman ,Namita Das  who has two grown up children, but continues to suckle her pet monkey. Namita, a middle-aged woman who lives in India’s north-eastern Tripura state and is a government worker, describes Buru, the pet monkey, as her third child. How weird.

In her own words , she says


“Yes, I breastfeed him. He is my son,” says Namita, caressing the monkey. More than four years ago, her woodcutter husband found a dying baby monkey under a tree after a fierce storm. He brought the animal home in Chandrapur village on the outskirts of the Udaipur town in Tripura’s South District. “I did not have a son. God finally gave me one,” says Namita, as she continued to breastfeed the monkey. I ask her whether she has been breastfeeding Buru- who is around five years old- for too long.

“I will continue to breastfeed him as long as he wants it. He will always remain a little one for me,” she says. She says she also feeds her pet monkey “expensive cow milk” which she could not afford for her children.


Wonders shall never end