Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Police

This college student ,21 year -old  Jonathan Hewson , who maybe is addicted to spider man was arrested Friday morning in Oakland for robbing a store.  He was taken into custody at about 1:00 Friday morning, near the corner of Atwood Street and Sennot St. in Oakland.

Police say Hewson ran into the Atwood Xpress convenience store along Atwood Street early Friday morning. They say he demanded the clerk to tell him how much money was in the register.

Photo Credit: Natalie Snizaski

Photo Credit: Natalie Snizaski

The clerk pulled out a stun gun, and attempted to fire it off, and Hewson ran out of the store. Hewson’s roommate says this is all just a big misunderstanding.

“He’s not doing anything malicious. I don’t think he’s every considered robbing a store, ever,” Chris Esposito says. “He’s a Spiderman enthusiast. He’s just a college kid and college kids tend to do strange things,” he said.

He was arrested and faces robbery charges.