The death of pop legend, Whitney Houston, three days to the Valentine’s,brings up the ironies of her life, marriage and career. she was known especially for me for her love songs. in short she was an inspiration to many lovers. now so ironical she wont be around to feel and aid the season of love.

she was known as a woman who worshipped romance . though her relationship failed with R&B singer Bobby Brown who destroyed her life and career with drugs until she fell a day to the 54th edition of the grammy awards.

 Unfortunately, however,  the timing brings circumstances of her death closer to those of other fallen popular stars, especially like Michael Jackson. they were both pop legends to be reckoned with. with little similarities

while houston died a day to grammy awards at 48, MJ died three days to BET awards at 50

The American actress, singer and model was so successful that she got two Emmy Awards, six Grammy awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards and 22 American Music Awards.  Indeed, online sources noted that she earned a total of 415 career awards in 2010.

now i finally understamd the song”ITS SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE” RIP WHITNEY…(sobs……………)