Newborn Suzie on the scales, which she weighed in at 12lbs, 12oz, making her the heaviest girl ever born in Britain


little Suzie tipped the scales at a whopping 12lb 12oz at birth, making her the heaviest baby girl ever born in Britain. she was born naturally after a labour lasting a mere 44 minutes.

Miss Tevendale (mother), from Swindon, has two other children with her previous partner and they were also big babies. Vincent, now six, weighed in at 10lb 10oz, and  Violet, four, was 11lb 2oz.

‘It’s like I just give birth to three-month-old babies,’ she said.

‘This time the labour was easier than with Vincent and Violet to be  honest, and the pushing stage was quite easy. When they put Suzie on me, I just thought, “She’s beautiful!” It was an emotional moment and there were a few tears shed.’

Since her birth three weeks ago, Suzie, who is already 2ft tall, has been wearing clothes for babies aged three to six months.

Despite her older children’s large size at birth, both are now a normal height and weight for their age. In 2002 Danish researchers found that women who eat more fish are likely to have heavier babies, although the reason was unknown.

such a huge baby and such a baby!