Travelling With Kids : A Quick Survival Guide


We all know travelling with Kids can be such a Nightmare especially when you have no choice than to.

But Hey wait ! Here’s a survival Guide To Travelling With Kids. You would thank Me after reading this .


Make Your Enquires

Its important to be sure of procedures, getting the right prices and availability is of essence.

Book Trip Ahead

You can never get it wrong when you make flight booking ahead. I’m sure you know booking ahead saves you the headache and of course the cash.
Also a secret tip, schedule flights to fit in their nap times.

You get good seats , especially for your kids. Note of warning, Kids hate back seats else get ready for cries.!!

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Pack Light

Avoid unnecessary luggage! Pack in style, have your to-pack list and put together only necessary items that would be difficult to get at your destination.

Engage your kids by letting them pack their own luggage, let them back their own backpack that would consist of their favourite toys and goodies.

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Arrive Early at the Airport

I cant overstress the importance of getting early to the airport.
This eases stress especially when with the kids, you get to do neccessary sortings and ensure the kids are in proper place.


When travelling with kids, dress them appropriately especially if your destination is to the USA which have long and exhausting flights.

Children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier in a new environment

Early Check-in

So let me ask, Early Check-in or Almost-Time Check-in ? Which are you fond of ?
Well when travelling with kids, its advisable to check-in early to ensure you get the reserved seating, and you get enough time to get yourself organised and ensure you are not forgetting anything.
It wouldnt be nice to be seated seperately from the Kids.

Before Boarding

Make sure the kids use the bathroom before boarding the plane to avoid frequent use of the restroom and also not to cause a nuisance to other travellers.


Keep Kids In Check

Now the kids are checked-in and seated . Its important to keep them busy as this would reduce undue stress on you.
Carry with you their toys , or whatever keeps them busy such as their favourite novel, activity col coring book, puzzle games and even their y pad.


Always carry their medications if they are on any. they always come in handy. Don’t forget the carry a make-shift kit that would contain include antiseptic wipes, plasters, sting treatment, and a thermometer.

Wipes & Hand Sanitizers

Kids would always find a way to be messy and dirty, pack enough wipes, tissue paper and also hand sanitizer. they save the day and are useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down restaurant tables

Don’t Forget Your Sense Of Humour

Kids would always Scream , get you frustrated and even get you to the point of yelling But…..
You shouldn’t yield to this. Don’t forget you are not the only traveller. Don’t Loose your patience.
It can get stressful travelling with little ones, so it’s important that we learn to laugh at situations — especially if there are delays and changes in our original travelling plans

Tag Your Kids

The Airport is such a rowdy and ever-crowded place, ensure you tag your kids with visible identifiers such as name tags on their tees, hand wrist tags and even writing your mobile number on their palms.

Check out this Info graphic, Do you agree ??

What are some of your tips and tricks for traveling with kids?


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