As 2015 rolls over , there are events that have rocked Nigeria as a country in 2015 .

Evatese blog presents to you #2015EBREVIEW, Fourth in the series is about the events and happenings that rocked Nigeria as a country.

Top Events That Rocked Nigeria In 2015

1. Boko Haram Bombings

This year lots of lives , properties have been lost to the terrorist attacks mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria.

This has affected individuals and states affected . Security became a luxury in 2015.

2.Presidential Elections

This year , the presidential election took a new turn as a new party was sworn in after 16 years. The APC who was represented by President Mohamed Buhari took over from PDP Goodluck Jonathan .


Many doomsday events were predicted but thank God none of them occurred .Prophets , clerics  predicted that the country was heading for chaos. There was so much tension both locally and internationally surrounding the elections. Some even  predicted a breakup.
Nigerians were prepared for the worst in this year’s presidential election. There were reports of parents relocating their families to their villages for fear of the unknown.

Not to forget the postponement of the general elections to six weeks to buy time hinged on the fact that military needed six weeks to end the war against the insurgents in the North East.

Also, the government stated that elections could not hold in the north east as things stood that time.

After the postponement, former President Jonathan embarked on last a minute campaign to swing the tide in his favor to no avail. He later made the record of becoming the first incumbent President to lose elections in Nigeria.

There were also reports of some regional militants stockpiling weapons and ammunition in preparation for the fall out of the election
To the surprise of many it was a peaceful election coupled with the humble acceptance of defeat by the outgoing president.

3. Traffic  In Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city became paralyzed as the residents have suffered and complained bitterly almost throughout 2015 of the consistent gridlock faced daily .

lagosTraffic1Commutters, drivers were all affected. one of the major causes was the Trailers and Tankers who occupied the roads most of the time.

If you live in Lagos or even visited  Lagos in 2015 , sure you would have experienced the massive traffic.

4. Buhari’s Corruption Probe

After the swearing in of the new government  , there was a lot of probing and audit of all revenue generating agencies.

Also prominet Nigerians were probed in the likes of Dasuki , Dokpesi , Dieziani ,etc.

5. Xenophobia

Nigerians in South Africa were affected by the Xenophobia attacks in the country . Many Nigerian fled their homes for fear of safety , many displaced.Nigerian shops and businesses in Durban and Johannesburg have been looted and some burnt.

The South Africans who are championing the xenophobic attacks have claimed that African nationals in South Africa have taken over their jobs and constitute social nuisance.

Xenophobia in South Africa dates back to 1994 and are mainly targeted at citizens of other African Countries. South Africa was hit by a wave of deadly xenophobic attacks between March and April 2015, with locals attacking and killing at least five African migrants.

The tension subsided after widespread condemnation.

6. Biafran Uprising

The Bloody Civilian war that occurred more than 45 years ago , the Biafrian War.

2015 saw yet almost a revival as thousands of protesters took to the streets following the arrest of pro-Biafrian activist, Nnamdi Kanu who was accused of hate speech and treason by Nigerian authorities.

The call for establishment of independent Biafra with protests resulted in deaths and a cause of concern.
Nnamdi Kanu was arrested on October 19 2015 by the Nigeria’s Department of State Services.

7. Ministerial List

2015 was a serious political year in Nigeria. After the election of the new government , came the time to release the list of New Ministers to fill up the cabinet.412x188xMinisterial-list-e1443675326951.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lEI102dSNy


After a long wait ,President Muhammadu Buhari finally submitted the list of his cabinet to the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly. Then the full list came out as released by the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

The list of ministers has been in public discourse since the swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 20015.

It was a long period of wait but were you  surprised at the list of ministerial nominees ?


8. BVN Rush
The BVN rush was another happening that rocked 2015 in Nigeria.

rushThe Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) gave deadline of June 30, 2015. The initiative is an attempt  at Nigeria’s personal data management plans.

As part of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s cashless policy, it aims to capture data and check fraud in the banking system by giving every bank customer a unique

It was a nightmare for bank customers within and out of the country. The fear that their bank accounts would be frozen, arbitrarily was a concern to them.

Most people engaged in panic withdrawals to avoid being stranded.

It was that bad that as early as 6am customers arrive the banks in order to  secure positions on the BVN enrollment queue before banking operations commence by 8am.

Then there was the postponement to October 30th 2015 for those who had not registered to do so.

Did you face or experience the BVN RUSH ???

9.Naira Fall
The year 2015 saw the Naira fall and currency situation worsen.
It was that bad that dollar rate rose up to $280 to 1 naira. The speed at which it depreciated was bad . 50 naira fall in less than 3 days . Did the currency fall affect you ??
10.  Fuel Scarcity

Fuel Scarcity in 2015 was a terrible situation . Long queues , increased transportation cost made Nigerians sad .

Fuel became a luxury as many filling stations hoarded fuel , causing bottle necks on the road.
Black marketers became the god of fuel as they hiked prices to those who couldn’t stand the terrible , long standing queue.

Glad you read through the list , so do you agree with the list above ??
What event rocked your 2015 in Nigeria????