Popular ,dashing  and  hot BEAT FM 99.9 radio personality OAP Tolu Oniru otherwise known as Toolz has set up her very own website which she plans to launch today September 18, 2012.

She  says that the website  will focus heavily on music, feature interviews, news articles and will also showcase work she has done like ‘The Juice’ shows for Ndani TV, interviews she’s had and much more.

‘I also plan to put new projects on www.ToolzO.net – there are several TV ideas that I havethat have been ‘under development’ for an annoyingly long period of time. Developing and airing TV projects can be very hard to execute in Nigeria, but I believe there’s always a way around all hurdles. I feel the online platform is quite under-used in Nigeria, and having my own website will allowme to essentially get the content that I’m passionate about out there’.

We wish you success girl!!!! .