Work is hectic, mornings can be even more hectic. You may not be sticking to your 7-day, 7 different detoxes plan, or going to the gym every morning like you swore you would, but you can be the hottest thing in the office in just seconds.

Let’s pretend like you don’t have to put together your outfit every morning, and instead a pulled together, creative, personalized look appeared in your closet everyday.

Imagine a world of matching underwear everyday, socks that match your scarf, and being able to pin-point your most valuable pieces, love them, and the rest of your wardrobe. There is a way to do it, and never have to put away laundry again.


Roll it up

I never put away my laundry. That sounds kind of like a joke, but it’s not. That crazy day that I do 5 loads of laundry (once a month or less than that) I lay out outfits with my clean clothes for the next month and make little clothing rolls of each outfit.

I include everything that outfit needs, from sweaters, socks, and underwear, to jewelery. Normally I plan about 20+ days at a time. If you ever walk in on that hour of my life it looks utterly hectic, balancing in the middle of my floor surrounded by neat little stacks, comparing a collection of 5 necklaces to 2 different shirts.

This method gives me extra time in the morning, and on those brisk mornings I chose to go to the gym, I can just grab a roll and tuck it into my gym bag with everything else for my day.

My top always depends on my bottom, so I start with bottoms first, laying them out 6 at a time, adding tops, then socks, undergarments, and finally sweaters/ over layers. This is the method that works best for me, but if you have plethora of funky bottoms, and plain tops, then the opposite might work best for you. I have a few key rules that are absolute musts for this method to work though:

-Plan shoes and jackets the day of, plans and weather can change, besides, you may not have 20 pairs of shoes (or you might, no judgement)

-Leave yourself a few easy going out/fancy dresses to pull out in case something extraordinary strikes

-Give yourself wiggle room by changing up the theme every once in awhile (I do my outfits in batches of 6 to avoid making them clones of each other, I may want to dress down/up depending on the day)


Know fit, know the needs of your clothing

Your clothes have needs. Beyond the obvious washing, drying, or that one sweater that needs a lift to the dry cleaners, certain pieces demand others. Sneakers need socks, see through shirts may require an under shirt. Really get to know your clothes, and find out what your clothes needs are. This will also help when making your stacks, as there are certain fit issues you may not know about unless you really remember how that piece fits, for example, my roommate tried to help one day and picked out a pair of shorts and shirt for me that were to die for when lying on the table, but terrifyingly tight when on me.

Knowing fit also helps in cases of necessary pairing, like a skirt, that although my be just lovely, and the best shade of green, may require certain shapewear, or just a pair of tights to be work appropriate, be sure to include those things in your roll for that day. The funnest part for me is once I have my little stacks, I get to decide on accessories and socks. A plain black outfit can be played up with simple gold jewelry and turned up to the next level with red socks, and a red belt. I have a few themes I like to play with regularly:

-Top and bottom matching, hats matching shoes, or earrings that match the skirt, it gives a certain completeness to your look, tying in colors that might be too poppy when isolated to another piece

-Professional Interplanetary Mermaid: mixing silky tops and structured pencil skirts, I like to play with any seashell or silvery jewelry to create a super mod look with depth and texture.

-Do the unexpected!

All Spring I was dressed like a dark spring time, because Lana Del Ray’s Dark Paradise had nothing on my dark spring. I wore bright floral jumpers with black button ups, black over the knee socks, and black strappy wedges, like the example to the left which combined spring florals with fall colors and warmer accessories. Really just do whatever you think looks fabulous. It’s your time to shine.

Be real with your day

Creating your outfits for the week is your time to have fun. Setting up outfits when you don’t have to may inspire you to branch out and try that maxi-dress with a blazer, or rekindle your love of business shorts, but you still need to be real with your day. What is your day going to hold that may limit your choices? If your office is freezing, planning for layers will help you stay cozy, or if you bicycle to work, then wearing pants that absolutely need heels, might be a stretch. You can also plan times to wear those items that you can’t fit into other parts of yours wardrobe for example, if you have a certain pair of hot pink pants that you bought for Sundays, but you happen to live in Victoria, try to fit it in on other days. Try to utilize the pieces you have in anyway you can make it stylish, and eliminate those that you don’t want to wear, or just can’t in your current lifestyle.

Everyday a new pair of earrings, every day a completely new outfit that won’t be repeated until at the earliest, next month. It’s easy, it’s effortless, and you can be the fliest person in the office in a second. How are you going to use your free time? Making an extra cup of coffee? Planning your getaway to canada? or just becoming the best person at your job ever!