Popular management company, Legacy Empire Management announces the official launch and unveiling of its record label, music, and visual artists.

LEM’s vast experience in delivering management services makes it a one-stop-solution-provider.

Here are 5 Things we Learnt at the Unveiling Of Legacy Empire Mangement Label & Artists

1- Stay Away From Drugs

Speaking at the Unveiling , Industry Veteran African China Stressed the need for young artists both upcoming and already established young acts to stay away from drugs.

2- Be Part Of Success Story

At the unveiling which saw to presence of Denrele Edun, African China, Shine Begho (OAP) all stated the fact that they beleive in the brand and the vision and thats why they are part of the team and ofcourse would be a success story.

3- Help / Believe in Africa Talents

The CEO  of Legacy Empire mangement has made marks forhimself outside the shores of his home country for several years. He decided to comehome toalso do same and even much better.

4- Dont Give Up / Be Persistent

Denrenle Edun stressed the fact of young artsist to be persistent , keep stricving till they get to the top. He advised for them not to give up,not to take No for an answer.

Legacy Empire Management has made a name for itself as one of the leading management companies that offers invaluable positioning for creativity, brands and products globally.

Also deploying dexterity in every business commitment to achieve set and strategic objectives that proffers excellent service(s) and return on investment for entities, brands, products and creative proclivity.

The outfit recently announced the official launch of its entertainment wing – Legacy Empire Music, with a couple of music and visual artists already signed up to the record label / management (LEM).

About Legacy Empire Music

Legacy Empire Music consists of a team of highly experienced and vast individuals.

LEM family include Henry Emenike, the CEO/Record Label Executive, Sunnie Odafe as the general manager (LEM Africa), Adeola Olofuntiyi, the marketing manager, with Nazom Chambers being the company’s solicitor and legal adviser, Ehimhen A. Davies and John Dennis, who are in charge of the artists and repertoire division of the record label.

The official unveiling of the record label and its acts are set to revolutionize the music industry across the globe, and the world can only wait for how the relationship will pan out.