EGEM-ODEY WUKEH MATHEW JUSTIN  who was the best graduating student from covenant university class of 2012 made a ground breaking speech worthy of applause and cheering.


Normally i hate all these speech things till i listened to him on that very day.

he has actually proven himself to be worthy of repute and respect. well im proud to be associated with such honour . it was an amazing speech.

with due authorization from the author below is The CONVOCATION SPEECH

“I recognize the presence of the Lord Almighty, Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, Vice Chancellor and I stand on all other existing protocols.

Let no one confuse this for my might or my power or my intellect. This is clearly the work of the Spirit and God be praised. For the raising of a man is for the praising of his God. PRAISE GOD.
I will love to thank the Chancellor for his vision and constant addition to my life, for making me a total man and a total graduate. I will love to thank my parents, Dr & Mrs. Egem-Odey and my family for giving me the privilege of sound education. I love you. I would also love to thank the board of regents for their input. I thank the great Vice Chancellor, the mother of all eagles, a woman so dear to my heart, I would love to sincerely appreciate the management, your decisions led to greater leaders, and all faculty and staffs, your tireless efforts are most appreciated . I thank you all my friends and course mates. God bless you Biola, God bless you Kingsley, God bless you Sammy, God bless you all.
It is true that our academic pursuit is pointless without TODAY, our convocation release. Well in case you haven’t noticed, today started some hours ago, what will you do when tomorrow comes? This is simply a wedding ceremony, I hope we are all ready for the marriage.
In the school of life, the present GPA will not be the basis of picking the best graduating student, NO, the next graduation we will be doing is the graduation to heaven or otherwise and your GPA will be a weighted average of the scores you had in lifes courses.
And above all LOVE 777
Than our GPA, your God point average will be the real yardstick. After all, we have been to the best school, we have been taught by the best teachers, anything thing short of an A, well there is no CSIS, there is no RESIST, so F is not even in sight. In the UNIVERSITY of life F means fire eternal.
Hello employers of labour, hello Governors, hello Ministers, entrepreneurs, Presidents, pleasei appeal to you keep your core values core.
Change happens when and only when there is a changeless core within us. Values I mean that never change.
To my fellow graduants, hear this:
We are birthed in Hebron and we need to make waves outside so that people will recognize that located in Ota Canaan land to be precise there is a factory of leaders that never runs out of engineers and producers and we are the 7th batch of production. The perfect batch .
Our certificate are just our NAFDAC numbers, we are covenant standards. The product is leadership, not the old generation but the what…..the new generation of leaders, am sorry I didn’t hear that, the what…..
We are consumed when we lead and cause positive change. If you do anything short of this you are a DEFECTIVE good, I will not say God forbids but rather I would say God will sanction you for wasting the time and investments spent on you.
If there is no naira sign on the keyboard, brethren we are not there yet. If there is a G9 without Nigeria in it , then we are not there yet, if there is a rotten policy in the nation, then we are not there yet, if there is no true democracy, we aren’t there yet, if the poor are still the masses, we aren’t there yet.
We are a new generation and we will do what has never been done. We have the greatest weapon that all knees bow to. We are nothing short of perfection and all actions speak louder than anthems.
In my mind’s eye underneath the hat and gown, I see a crown. But don’t forget that to wear a crown you need to kneel and bow so SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE.
We are occuping too much space to not be serving, don’t start a business that doesn’t add value, don’t do it for the money, establish problem solving businesses, change the ethics of the firms you work for.
Don’t waste time chasing money, wealth and earthly fame and forget your core values.
I learnt that interdependence is greater than independence, I learnt that trousers sell you faster than jeans, I learnt that keeping curfews saves you from unwanted trouble, I have learnt that your signature is your NAME. I learnt that discipline is the soul of an army. I learnt that God deserves more than one day of your week. I learnt that rules keep you kingly. I learnt that readers are leaders.
A mentor said to me, Please never compare yourself with another person, you will engage the wrong yardstick and therby have the wrong feelings. Love all, trust a few and do wrong to no one. So watch out o ye old generations of leaders, right here, right now before me is the new generations of leaders.
Hear this;
Quand vous visez a la perfection, vous trouverez c’est un cible bougant.
Le changement est permenant, de cahanger souvent est d’achever la perfection.
When you aim at perfection, you would find out that it is a moving target.
Change is permanent, changing often is perfection.
In the words of my chancellor, it is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful.”

wow!!!!!!! that was really a ground breaking and breath taking one


  1. The words from wukeh on that morning should remain in all our hearts “perfect eagles” see y’ll @ d Topmost Top. Cheers;)