Just not too long a friend of mine asked me to help her get an ipad for her use. The amount of money given to me was enough to buy three or lets say two new blackberrys or even can be used to rent a house for a year in some parts of Lagos. well i decided to ask her for the reason behind this decision and all she could say was that all her colleagues in her place of work used one.

can you imagine such reasons????

everyone wants to buy an Ipad without any cogent reason. well below are my few points or reasons not to

  • do you really need it?
  • its too expensive
  • even though its soo portable but its also sooo drop-able
  • if you have a laptop then you don’t really need an ipad
  • it can never replace the importance of a laptop
  • it doesn’t have a removable storage nor a usb port

in alll i have said i have seen people who maximize the use of this device and use  it properly but some dont have use for it.

most individuals buy it to “be among” ,some to have the effizy . i had an experience with a staff during my internship, she couldnt even put it on or use it for any reasonable thing. it was that bad that she had to call for an it personnel always. some even steal  be among. its that bad

so many queuing for ipad over night

You should trust Nigerians , the always show themselves like when the  blackberry technology newly came into the country, everyone wanted to have it.

this is my opinion but if you have anything against this drop your comments…..