• ‘sugar in my tea’
MY OPINION: this is kinda dumb tho. even a toddler wont fall for this.
  • Obasanjo s my uncle
MY OPINION: seriously!!!! like who cares. that’s too lame @ least you would have tried Obama!
  • GUY:Hey girl w@’s ur name?  GIRL:Why do u wanna know my name? GUY: Cuz i want to toast u, 
MY OPINION: Overheard it and started laughing!
  • Hello As I just saw u my heart started beating faster, I think u are the one I have been searching for, u even have my grandmothers eyes. I want u to be my wife. 
MY OPINION: wow such a stupid one. like dude seriously ?????
  • Did your parents take the stars from the sky because your eyes are so bright, ” 
MY OPINION: hmmmmmmm.
  •  “I work at DHL, you can trust me with your package.
MY OPINION: seriously you now take me as a package. well that’s an F-

so guys step up your game at least.

i would love to know your reactions and if possibly you can add yours.