Transportation in the ever bustling metropolis, Lagos just  became stress free, safe & comfortable as Taxify goes Lit!

Taxify An Alternative to Uber That Works A review by Evatese Blog

We know the major go-to urban taxi service is Uber– which has become a household name.

With the latest challenges facing the company and negative perception of their drivers, We the riders are finally happy that we now have a strong alternative.

Here comes Taxify, an e-hailing App founded in Estonia in 2013 and has grown so rapidly in the space of 3 years.

Now in over 20 countries and is currently in 4 countries and 6 cities in Africa. Taxify launched in Lagos on November 18th, 2016.

One major difference between Taxify and the existing Taxi Apps  is the fact that

The Driver – Partners get a massive 85% commission per trip which of course makes them earn 10% more than their nearest competitor.

Taxify believes in delivering  high quality rides and they do so by making sure their driver – partners are happy and their riders happier.

Taxify has the most affordable rates in the market now. I also hear that they very reachable.

I have also had cause to reach out to them about a case involving a rude driver and they promptly resolved the issue but they did hear from the driver first which is also great too. No bias here. We like it!

I also verified the support from the driver’s angle and asked some random drivers about Taxify’s support and they confirmed the ease and prompt way their issues are resolved.

The drivers seem relaxed earning money on this new innovative service platform than other platforms.

Ever since Taxify stepped into the scene, we have witnessed a breath of fresh air. Me for one noticed no more/ less surge on Uber!. Best news ever.

As a typical Lagosian, comparing prices is a necessity o! Especially in this recession the country is going through.

Though Uber has always been the major / top player in the e-hailing sector, Taxify has been giving them a major run with the awoof to riders as well as drivers.

Also it gives a more detailed view of location even though both platforms use the google platform. This gives users and drivers easier accessibility and location of various destinations.

Like other mobile taxi apps, Taxify lets you choose a taxi based on arrival time, price list, car model and user feedback ratings.

After confirming your order, you can also track your taxi’s pending arrival on a map in real time.

Living in Lagos sometimes cab services are the way to go especially in times of fuel scarcity, busy traffic times when getting a bus seem impossible and even days such as Sundays and getting home after a night out.

With lower fares and happier drivers i can get to my destination with ease. Lets Taxify Lagos!

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