tales of uche

Today I decided to visit one of my old pals. When I gained admission into the university, he enlisted in the army. He used to tell me tales of the military, how he has become harden by joining the army.

Before he enlisted, he was quite a bully with his macho body. His biceps were twice my arm. Joining the army with all the intense training made him look really bigger. He was giving some days off to see his parents. So I ceased that opportunity to see him

I was very excited because it has been a while I saw this my friend and I was also eager to hear his stories bout the peace keeping mission he went.

I got there early because I really wanted to spend a lot of time with my old friend. His mother told me he was in the backyard doing some rounds. I went there and he was lifting this locally constructed dumbbell. After that, he was doing some push ups and a whole bunch of hectic exercises that he called warm up. I was exited so I joined him but in no short time I was gasping for breath. He went on for about 30mins and I begged him to stop but he said as an army he needed to be fit and alert at all times and that those drills helps build that…

We started talking and he went on to tell me bout how he endured during the peacekeeping mission. He went on to say how he went days without good food to eat. He talked about his hand combat and I was so impressed. I felt like I had my own personal bodyguard.

Later that day we decided to go out for a drink. He talked about a place where near his house where we can get cheap drinks. He said he liked the place not only for the cheap drink but also because it was lively

The most ridiculous thing happened afterwards. My buddy told me to drop my phone and other valuables. He said that some bad boys hang around that area and he was robbed of his phone the previous day…




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