This was one of those days. It was getting to that time; that dreaded 6pm and Mummy has been playing it like an old record.

It is really funny how when it comes to this time there is always something really interesting to do.

The TV will show interesting stuffs, friends will be around and all things fun has a way of coinciding with this time. Sadly!!!!

Not to keep you in the dark, 6pm today has been set aside for revival in church. Don’t get me wrong I like spiritual activities but some days I really do not want to go to church.

The last time I voiced out to mum that I will not attend the revival service I was almost flogged, trust African parents. More so, my mum was a deaconess in the church. She wasn’t one of those people that gave you a choice on religious matter.

I remember once I was so sick on a Sunday morning, she literally carried me and my sick bed to church saying that with faith I will be healed… Like Seriously!!!!!!!!!! it was that bad. So back to my story.

We got to church some minutes past 6pm, I tried to delay but I could only buy 5mins. My mum and I sat side by side in church. We came in to meet them singing and dancing.

It then got to prayers session, this is why I love sitting next to mum, you will get to hear all the problems facing our family, her financial records and all there is to know. I also really pity all the demons assigned to my family. My mum will bind and cast them to hell and also send angels to hell to beat them up…

The man of God was introduced, he was from northern Nigeria.

The topic was the bold Christian, I cant remember the exact place he read from because I was not really paying attention but from the message I remembered him saying that the righteous are as bold as a lion.

He told us the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, Shedrack Meshack and Abednego. He went on to say how they faced persecution in the north, the killing of Christians and the bombing of churches but that still they boldly declare Christ.

The atmosphere was charged, everybody myself included was feeling good and the message came to an end.


Nothing eventful happened until the close of the service, many people wanted to see the pastor my mum inclusive when all of a sudden there was a loud explosive noise heard outside.

I took to my heels but the funny thing was no matter how fast I ran I couldn’t catch my mum. We took cover in the back of the church.

After a while, we heard it was a car tire that exploded and we all laughed at our race especially after such a powerful sermon…But wait ….

“Where is revivalist?” Where is the pastor ???? . Everyone searched and to our amazement we later found him under the church bus taking cover…


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