So i stumbled on a giveaway on Twitter and as a sharp Nigerian babe, i partook and won a ticket to WAKKA THE MUSICAL !!!!
Yes o!. I was so excited. Funny enough, when i realized earlier in the week that the musical was showing its last straw on 30th April , i felt sad.
But the light came in and i was sure given an amazing surprise by yours truly Surprise Lagos.

So About The Musical

Wakaa! The Musical is a play about the trials, successes and experiences of young graduates with varied backgrounds, a wager between them after graduation has a twist when the realities of life and the folly of their choices hit them. Eventually they reunite, coming full circle.

The story reveals the struggles and challenges young people face in present day Nigeria and abroad. WAKAA! The Musical takes you on an emotional roller coaster and is a strong satire of the Nigeria’s politics.

A family-orientated 2-hour stage musical extravaganza of drama, comedy, live music & dance, WAKAA! The Musical explores the scheming, intrigues, betrayals and games people play in life.

My Experience

So lets clear my throat , if you missed the show (eyes rolling )  you missed something amazing .
I attended the 7pm show , it was filled to the brim with audience eager and hungry for the well talked about and anticipated musical.
So i got the front view , a perfect spot for my eyes…
The show started on time beating the high Nigeria time factor. Well organized also.
It was exciting , thrilling and captivating right from the beginning to the end. Im still playing it all in my end and singing the theme song
...Oya Make una waka o waka o waka o…….
From Tosan and Kike , love birds , then to our waka master, Rex, then Ngozi and the boo .
The security / soldier presentation was great , it felt so real . then the twist as well.
The sound , light , choreography was topnotch and it blended perfectly with the muscial.
The choreography i must confess was great , the actors , dancers did a great job , they put in so much energy.
It depicted reality of life of a Nigerian , the reality of our present day government  , to leaving the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures to face the harsh reality .
Its a story well told.
In Closing
It was a great time indeed , it was actually my first experience at a theater show ever and i dont regret it at all.
 Thank You @surpriselagos