Rumours flying around that soul singers, Styl Plus, have finally split have been debunked by the group.

The 9-year-old R&B group, which comprised of Shiffi, Zeal and Tunde, have struggled to recapture the success they achieved with their debut album, which had tracks like ‘Run away’, ‘Olufunmi’, etc. Their second album ‘Unbreakable’ was a big flop and their new singles did not get any attention.

Perhaps tired of the slide, Tunde has decided to go solo, re-branding himself as NativeBoy. We also gathered that he has recorded several songs alone and set up his own record label, B.A.T Records.

The group said that Tunde Akinsanmi is leaving but the group aint Breaking up. He is now pursuing a solo career and delve into other ventures that are not Styl-Plus’s priority at the moment”. So it seems tunde was no longer feeling the vibe of the group.

Well, the group which now has Shifi and Zeal will be releasing a new single titled ‘Tonight’ (Ale-Oni) in the coming weeks.”