Ghanaian   are not finding it funny o . another whala has happened as nigerian music star flavour is  at war with the music duo Wutah Kobby and Wutah PV . they allegedly accuse him of stealing ‘their intellectual property‘. they said that his new song   ‘Kwarikwa’  has stark  resemblance with their smash hit ‘Kotosa’. flavour was accused of stealing the chorus, rhythm, rhyme and the opening saxophone beat used in their song with total disregard for their right as the only legitimate owners of the song

hmmmmm. must this always happen. mtchew well both videos are below so listen and make your conclusions.




  1. hahahahaha…..they r quite similar…..1st of all that wutah’s song is soo old…but the main point is that ghanaians dob our songs all the damn time without respect for intellectual property….trust me naigerians r not at anything….d dudes need to get a life!…jokers!

  2. well,flavour shld admit of stealing their intellectual property as they claim….the saxophony beat,rhythm and rhyme….As a music producer its clear in comparison as it may be.Flavour should really apologise and admit to his wrongs….