That smell of stinky shoes can be overwhelming and make you want to throw them away. There are a number of good ways to remove and prevent the odors.

Have you ever been there when someone pulls off his /her shoes and immedaitely a terrible odour comes out ? That is the result of Smelly Shoes.

Smelly Shoes Prevention

Before i continue, you should know the actual cause of Smelly Shoes. That terrible odor is caused by a bacteria that lives in your feet. The good part is that the bacteria in swaet that you produce is part of your body’s cooling mechanism.

Do you  know that foot odor is the strongest ouyt of all odors produced by your body.
Do you also know that the human foot has over 250,000 sweat glands.

What really creates that terrible odor is the toxins that are released by the beacteria.

Your shoes trap and keep sweat , which prevents it from eveaporating which then provides the bacteria on your skin to stay longer.

Do you know that the human foot can produce over a pint of sweat during the day.

Human sweat doesn’t have a very strong odor of its own, as it is mostly just salt and water.

Foot odor is exacerbated because most people wear shoes during the course of the day.

Prevention Of Smelly Shoes

After enlightining you on what causes Smelly shoes and that repulsive odor,  i would vbe dihing out 5 solid tips to help you prevent smelly shoes.

This is a guide about preventing odors from your shoes.

5 Tips to Keep Shoes from Smelling Bad
1. Wear Socks

Socks may not be the best solution , but it sure helps. There are actually some kind of socks that doesnt show when you wearing your shoes.

2. Wash Your Feet Regularly

When bathing most people neglect the importnace of washing thier feet thoroughly becasue they feel it would definetly get clean as it is in soapy water. This is a very wrong persception.

Do you know that the bacteria look for every possible nook and corners of your feet to hide . So when you dont wash your feet properly you make room for your shoes to smell. And very important, amake sure your feet dries completely before putting on your shoes.

3. Avoid Repeating Same shoes

I didnt mean you cant use your shoes severally but when you over do it , it becomes bad. Wearing the same pair of shoes for more than a day , some even repeat that shoe for three consecutive days.

Interchanging your shoes would help your shoes to receive fresh air and thereby reducing the way odors pile up.

4. Air Out Shoes
It may be a good idea to hang up shoes outside on a clear and dry day to help them air out. This is a good option to dry out shoes when they get wet too. If they are wet from the rain outside, use a hair dryer to help dry them, or set them up in a dry spot in the house where air circulates regularly. This also helps to keep shoes from rotting after exposure to water

5. Antibacterials
In order to kill bacteria that hide and accumulate in your feet, antibacterial is the key. This can help kill the bacteria on the feet especailly those who sweat a lot.

Trick: Apply talcum or babay powder to your feet before putting on your shoes as it helps to absorb unwanted sweat.
No one wants his or her shoes to become foul smelling in the first place. Thankfully, there are a few tips available to help those with brand new shoes keep their high heels and tennis shoes from developing an unpleasant odor. Most of these tips must be part of a regular maintenance schedule for them to work in keeping an odor from developing.