Hey. I woke up early but I had to come out for morning drills because it was said the commandant was coming round. So I had to go to avoid trouble. But later I found my way back to the hostel. Continued my precious sleep.

Afternoon lectures today. Certificate of participation was being given but as usual they were still talking and blabbing. Well as sure as I am , I had someone outside there that I was confirming and getting updates from. I heard it was boring.

Later on , I bought some books at a cheap price. Went to mammi , ate lunch +dinner.
Also the list for people who were redeployed was released. There were tears and smiles of joy and also angry people were not left out. some people got their state of choice while others in fact most people did not get it. Luckily for me , my friends and I who applied for redeployment got ours even though it wasn’t exact but it was close.

Good news for us , our alawee of 19800 has started circulation in camp. The queue is so long. I don’t think I would collect mine today. this is the time people have to pay their debts in maami. All those who ate and drank on credit. Mtchew for them.
Today variety night was from mtn. They hosted various pageants like miss nysc , mr macho ,catch the train , miss pretty face (a guy). Also there was drama conclusion.
It ended late today tho but it was interesting all the same. My friend participated in the catch the trainnkn competition and won.
Least I forget I had fun today. It was ok sha. Goodnight o.


The programme finished at about 1am. Then immediately the lights were put out. So I scampered to my room and straight to my bed.