This world is getting more evil day by day and our youth are not left out of this. Everyone wants to make quick money without hardwork but they forget that the love of money is the root of all Evil.

Some 100 Level Business Administration Students(freshers)of Houdegbe North American University Benin Republic who wanted the quick path to riches have been arrested, due to his action of turning a fellow female student to a snake using supernatural powers.

These culprits happened to travel to down to Port-Novo for the rituals according to the arrested guy. Pictures of two girls were found in the box which contained the snake. The Snake in the box is actually one of the girls that was used,while the second girl’s head had already been chopped off.
It was a girl that stays in the same compound with them that noticed their strange movements and she therefore reported them to the police. Some of their girlfriends have actually been declared missing for some days now but no one ever imagined that they could have been used for money rituals until the moment they were arrested. People thought the girls had done their “crayfish waka” as usual, not knowing that the girls have been used for rituals.

Am so sure that the guys in question did the alleged rituals just cause they wanna be tagged “Big Boys” on the campus. They want to be seen as the “popaholics” driving the latest automobiles, wanna use all sorts of electronic device (Iphone, iPad,BB10, BlackBerry Porsche e.t.c).

Please o , fellow. Babes and girls as you wished to be called here is a lil advice “if a guy doesn’t live on his allowance , does illegal things or you don’t know where his source of income is. Hmmm. My dear RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.because you might be the next victim or his source oF income ”
May God help us.

Yours Truly Evatese