Hello , its another Tuesday on EB  where i talk about Fashion , beauty and style …. Well i have noticed a trend which is not so new but has overtaken recent times  which is the ‘RIPPED JEANS’. its back form the 90’s

some call it distressed jeans but well i call it RIPPED.. Jean Its a staple fashion item to have in your wardrobe.We all know that having a Jean in your wardrobe is an essential but having the RIPPED JEANS is just the one –perfect..

So, I guess ripped and distressed jeans can be styled up. You can rock them without looking like you just fought with your canine.

Ripped jeans can be from skinny to casual to boyfriend jeans so it all depends on your choice.

At the same time there are some guidelines  you should know so you dont go out looking weird and to keep you from looking shabby . :)


Do embrace the ripped boyfriend jean version . its very comfortable and looks great when paired with the blazer combo .


DON’T :You dont have to show too  much skin …its not necessary…if you wanted to show skin then you should have worn something else..Just let the ripped jeans be

Dont wear the skinny ripped if its gonna show and over emphasize those prominent butt , hips and thighs thats just a crime.

Do not use or wear jean /denim accessories

Dont be forgetful or careless about the amount of skin you wanna show. if you dont want to expose , wear ones with smaller holes  nor to look more stylish you can wear leggings underneath…

Do consider the occasion . Ripped jeans is more preferably worn to parties,, movies, or just casually ..

Don’t ever wear ripped jean to any formal occasion or work .. it sends the wrong message..

Do Roll your jeans up a little above the ankle. That trick makes your silhouette look very svelte. Also you can wear a pair of pumps – it will make you look even more elegant and stylish.

Don’t place holes in inappropriate places , not nice to wear … Placing those  holes on the upper part is a serious crime also.

Ripped jeans <3

The skin ratio should remain the same as normal jeans, huge rips & crop top just wouldn’t look right! There’s ripped and then there’s TOO ripped.

Dont over accessorise wearing of the distressed jean it makes you look funny.

Do wear a fitted jacket or Blazer if you still want to look formal but casual at the same time .

Do try the white on white ..its a fashion killer look.

Love The White Ripped Jeans


Check out some Celebrities wearing the Ripped jean

Miranda Kerr rocking with a simple white T-shirt


Selena Gomez
Rukky Sanda



Kim K.






Have you tried styling up your ripped jeans lately?

Remain  Stylish  & fashionable

Got any tips on how to wear ripped jeans? Tell us in the comments below!