All Nigerian Men are Conmen , City girl Kenyan writer emphasised.
Nigerian writer Mr Victor D.O has come out to reply to the Kenyan Lady.

The purpose of writing this rejoinder is to correct your
misconceptions of Nigerian men. You said “All Nigerian men are
conmen”. “Repeat after me- all Nigerian men are conmen”. You
emphasized. I feel strongly compelled to educate you that not all
Nigerian men are conmen. I make bold to say “Repeat after me- all
Nigerian men are not conmen.”
I can’t deny the fact that some Nigerian men may be conmen but
definitely not all. “Ori kan ni nmu ‘ni bu’gba eru, so says an African
(Yoruba) adage. Translated, An erring slave invites abuses to the
Even in the globally-aclaimed holy cities, devilish men abound.
Concluding that all Nigerian men are conmen is misleading, wild and
utter falsehood. I belong to a discipline where I am trained not to
talk in the absolute or generalise. There is another African (Yoruba)
proverb that says “Bi a ba ni ka diju, ki eni buruku koja, eni rere
naa yio koja pelu mo  eniyan lara” Translated, “If you close your eyes
to avoid seeing evil men, good men will also by-pass you.”
If you attempt to avoid all Nigerian men, pleasant Nigerian men will
also elude you and those who care to heed your advice as expressed in
your article.
There are many Nigerian men who are conscientiously loving. I know of
Kenyan women who are happily married to Nigerians so much that they
could confidently conclude that there could be no better men in their
lives. I will like to pose these questions for your objective
consideration (1) Are all Kenyan men righteous? (2) Are all Kenyan
ladies so gullible that they can not sift the grain from the chaff?
Nevertheless, I appreciate the tips you put forth for dealing with
Nigerian men. The tips hold true for all men world-wide, Kenyan men
More-over, your article spurs me to resolve to marry a Kenyan lady if
I am opportune to come across a compatible one, so that I can drive
home my point not only in writing but also in practice. Thanks.