Spending 21 days in a local , isolated area of Nigeria can be very frustrating and of course adventurous. camp-chronicles-2 Evatese Blog brings you the experience and tales of youth corp member at NYSC Orientation camp as they narrate and share their experience during The NYSC Orientation Camp.

Camp Chronicles 2 is exciting and funny as our Otondo , Tomi shares her experience in Obubra camp in Calabar. NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Obubra, Obubra Local Government Area, Cross River State. Enjoy all the 20 days !!!


Camp Chronicles 2 Day 1- Arriving At Camp

Hello , everyone i would be sharing my NYSC Orientation Camp experience with you and im sure you would enjoy and learn also. My name is ***********************************************************

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 2 – The Awakening

As expected, we all had to wake up as early as 4am to have our baths and prepare cos rumor had it we were to be out by 4:30am…
we didn’t even know what to put on as quite a number of us hadn’t done our registration.
Gosh cant believe its another day in this camp ….

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 3 Swearing-In .

As it began to dawn on us that waking up early was going to be a constant thing, the timetable became waking up by 2:15 to have a bath, dressing up partially so you don’t have to rush later on and so you cab take a nap back. Read More


Camp Chronicles 2 Day 4 Adjustments

It was a good day to wake up and thank the Lord. As usual, had to wake up by 2:15 to have a bath and get prepared for the day

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 5 – First Sunday

Yaaaay it’s a Sunday!!!My First  Sunday. There’s just this vibe that comes with Sundays and it’s just a day to feel so good when you feel so free and less stressed out till it gets to evening anyways.

Camp Chronicles Day 6 First Monday

It’s a Monday again and urrghhhh… We all know how Mondays are. Meditation ground assembly was held and we were told lectures would be starting today after morning parade.

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 7 : Dance Infinito

Thank God for the gift of life today!
 I’m up… Still trying to get used to this struggle. I am already getting tired of this whole morning parade thing, instead of making me fit, it takes away the little energy i have reserved in me. But then… We just have to do it!!!

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 8: A Week Gone

Yaaay….it’s one week down, 2 more to go.
Today makes it a week that I arrived in obubra NYSC camp, Cross River state. Thank God for seeing me this far, may He be exalted.

Camp Chronicles Day 9 – Skills Acquisition

sometimes you just wake up in the morning and can’t explain the reason why you feel so good even though your environment isn’t so encouraging. That’s my case this morning…. Woke up feeling so good and elated and i really just can’t explain why.

Camp Chronicles Day 10: Escape Plan In Progress

At this point, waking up so early is already a routine but still it gets tiring. The usual ritual of meditation ground went down after which parade was next. Not so much matching was going down again..

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 11 :First Allawee

A brand new day… Thank God for the gift of life! It’s day 11, with 10 days left, i guess we have something to look forward to.


Camp Chronicles 2 Day 12 – Second Sunday

Second Sunday in NYSC Obubra camp!Thank God for getting me this far in peace and endurance.
Now that the end is coming near, there’s something to look forward to. Though

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 13 Sanitation Day

It’s the beginning of a new week day and as the end of camp is getting closer, it gets more exciting.
Meditation ground assembly held and it was pretty short today. It was my platoon’s turn for sanitation so we stayed back while the rest of the platoons matched away.

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 14 Competition

Good morning world! It’s just 6 days left to go!! It’s just funny how it’s when you have just few days to go that you really yearn to be out asap!!

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 15 – Street Dance

The refreshing smile of happiness when you realize it’s 2 weeks down and about 5 more days to go.

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 16 – 3 Days To Go

Thank you Jesus…. Thank you Lord. Yippie…. 4 more days to go and camp would be over!!! I really can’t wait.

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 18 – Camp Carnival Day

Yaaaaay….2 days to go, it’s a Saturday and it’s carnival day!!!
Firstly, today started on a very annoying mode!! Suddenly by past 1am, soldiers came to raid our rooms and send us all out announcing fire alarm.

Camp Chronicles 2 Day 19 Final Sunday

Final Sunday, last day and happens to be a very sunny day!!! Everyone was already excited…. We are going to leave camp tomorrow!!! The excitement was getting real. I woke up this morning with a different kind of feeling entirely…


Camp Chronicles 2 Day 20 D-Day

Whoop whoop!!!! It’s the D-day….. Hurrayyyyyy!!! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 So yes yes yes today is the final day on camp and our camp POP…..