Concerning nursing mothers and pregnant women in nysc orientation camp, you would not be allowed to stay fully in camp for the 3 weeks. After your registration you will be decamped because they feel that the camp is not conducive enough for your condition and state of health.  The policy is done to forestall avoidable emergency that may occur to the expectant mothers during the 3 weeks orientation Program, which entails some rigorous physical exercises.

Also the camp clinics are not equipped enough for pre and post-natal services and maternity emergencies and treatments. And the strenuous exercises in the Camp which may jeopardize the health of the mother and the unborn child.

The clinics on camp are emergency clinics some hide to stay because they want to enjoy freedom from home maybe or just do not want to miss out on the fun. As I say it is once in a lifetime experience o.

Well for some pregnant corper that are not that heavy and who insist they must be on camp and doge officials who would want them to leave, they can be given exemption letters form the camp clinic to be excluded from rigorous activities and some stressful exercises.

Serving with pregnancy is definitely not an easy adventure because you cannot compare yourself to a fellow corper, who is not pregnant.

For those who want to stay, pregnant women are given priorities in some things like the almighty queuing up. The environment of the camp though conducive is not suitable for nursing mothers while pregnant corps members cannot go through the various exercises and other rigorous programs.

So my candid and sincere advice is that pregnant and nursing mothers in the NYSC orientation camp should just abide by the decamping rules. Have a lovely time . If you have further questions don’t forget to ask .


  1. Thanks for the tips…pls i want to no if my baby wl b allowed in camp?wl i av to b comin from home cos of d lad?

  2. Hey dear! Am single nd pregnant i wld lyk to ask u 2 questns
    1. Is it possible for me to apply for redeployment base on my conditn without marriage certificate?
    2. After d camp activities, ar dy d 1 to post me to d local govt whr i wil do my ppa or dy wil giv d letter to take it to any place of my choice lyk dy do to married women?

    • Hello Tayo, thanks for dropping by my blog and im glad you found the tips helpful . In response to your questions.
      To redeploy based on your condition , you need a proof of marriage which is your marriage certificate. So it would be kinda hard and impossible to redeploy without a marriage certificate but you might be lucky but its best you have your marriage certificate so as to avoid being at the mercy of those NYSC officials.

      The normal procedure after the orientation camp is for you to be posted by the officials to the local govt where you will serve. Its only on base of redeployment that you can take the letter to where you wish and also if you were rejected by where you where officially posted to.

      I hope i have been helpful ??? If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

  3. Hello pls I’ve been bothered fr smtym nw. I hv a 2 mnths old baby nd I’m married. Jst tel me wats going to happen frm registration to ppa. Wil I choose my ppa nd hw do I gt d posting letter. Hu do I report to. Pls gv me all d info u can. Cos I’m really confused. Thanks awaiting yr reply soon.

    • well you have to get to camp first . and register but go with ur baby . after the firsr 3 or 4 days i think they allow heavily pregnant nd women wit new borns to leave . but it varies in camps. you will be posted to a ppa . if when u receive this posting nd its not convenient for you then you can make arrangements with d officials. provided you have proof

  4. Pls,i just want to know if it is adviceable to go to the nysc orientation camp a day or 2 days before the day of commencent…?

    • Well it depends on you..I would say a day is better. there re advantages nd disadvantages… the best advice is to arrive that day…early tho

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  6. Hi, please what will happen if u didn’t pick up your call up letter in sch or if u didn’t report @ d camp? Pls answer soon, its urgent

  7. 1.Must u carry ur baby along inorder to serve as a proof dat u re a nursing mother.
    2.Is it possible to finish up registration in one day

  8. Plz, i am confused.. i am married.. wat do i need to submit? do i need to write to my School or do i need a change of name? or do i jst leave everytin til i reach the camp?

    • Hi Nneoma, well you need to take your marraige certificate with you to camp. Yes i am 80% sure that everything gets sorted out at camp. But i stand to be corrected.

  9. Pls help me. Will i be decamped the same day i register, i have a 1 month old baby? Pls explain d decamping process.

    • Hello Ada. well lets not say decamp tho . But since you have a one month old baby you can be given express attention . But i suggest you get to camp early if you wish to leave that same day.

  10. either heavily pregnant or carrying my baby will I be allowed to stay in the camping hall throughout my registration process?
    is it until when I get to my camp that I will be able to tender my marriage cert for redeployment or I can start the process right from school if I do not wish to serve or experience orientation in a far away state…

    • Yes you have to get to camp before you can either be exempted or given leave from camp activities.

  11. Hello Evatese, I appreciate ur blog. on the Nysc timetable for batch A,2015, there is a time scheduled for submission of married cases by CPIs. Do I have to notify My school that I am married so they can post me to where my husband is based? Or I will process it myself by paying people to post me to whr I want? Thank u.

  12. Pls am married and my husband is in bayelsa, pls hw do i apply or wast will i do to serve there

    • Hello Chioma. Thanks for reading the post. We’ll you can be redeployed based on marriage grounds. But you have to report at the orientation camp you were posted to. Then from there you can apply for redeployment.

  13. Will pregnant and nursing mothers be paid their first allowee as I heard it will be paid in d orientation camp. tanks

  14. When is it proper to go to camp as a pregnant woman?a day before camp opens or d day camp opens?

  15. I’m married and I’ve a baby,I’ve submitted all necessary documents 2 Nysc secretariat in Surelere so dat I’ll be posted 2 lagos 4 services.My question is dis,is it assurable and possible 4 me 2 posted 2 lagos after going 2ru dis becos I had 2 go 2 my local govt 2 collect “Letter of domicile”,then I did my change of name and other necessary tins.

  16. i made mistake when i was doing my registration.i picked single instead of married,although i have my marriage certificate, i hope d mistake wont be use against me for redeployment.

    • Hello Amaka, there is no penalty just that you would get the last bit of everything ranging from camp kits , to bed space etc..

  17. pls will i be allowed to stay in xamp with my 3 months old baby.tho i got posted to my state of choice on provision of my marriage cert. and domicile letter

    • im not sure about that o. The baby its too infant for camp ,. You might be asked to leave

  18. please, do u think i should be decamped if i go with my 8months old baby to the camp being a medical doctor. And secondly,does getting decamped neccessarily have to be after swearing-in. and u replied someone that we should go to camp with all the things u listed, does dt include the clothings? thanks. i hope my questions are not too much…#smiles

    • Hello sayo, thanks for dropping in . Concerning going with your 8 months old baby , you might be decamped but keep your fingers crossed. Also you know all these bad belle officials , but just go with your proof and all and insist nicely that you want to be decamped and also state your baby ish …sha use alll your medicaljargons for them..

      Secondly , erm i think so o. You might have to be sworn in first or decamped the next day after your arrival.

      Thirdly ,Yes go with all you need including your clothings , so that you dont get stranded

  19. pls, i have a 10 months old baby. wat would be my fate at the camp? would i be allowed to stay for the orientation? or would i be decamped?

    • well since your baby is almost a year , you can be allowed to stay ,,but it all depends on if you want to stay and also on the commandant rules

  20. please when would pregnant and nursing mothers be paid their allowee as they leave or they come back on the last day to collect it

  21. Pls I need answers asap..
    I just discovered I’m 2months pregnant n I so much want to be in camp, how can I achieve that without the rigorous exercise

    • Hello Debie. Sorry for the delay . Yes you should still go to camp. But i presume since its just 2 months old pregnancy then you would be fine. I would also advice that you should let the officials know also.

  22. Hello,
    I have done my traditional wedding but not my white.
    I have a 5 month old baby and am serving in stream 2.
    I was posted to bornu state can I redeploy before camp if I go to Abuja.
    I know I will be decamped after 2/3 days but my question is will I be redeployed after those two days to where my fiancé is.
    That bornu state is scary.

    • Hello isoye , Thanks for getting in touch . You can make effort to redeploy before you head to camp since you still have time . I cant guarantee you if going to Abuja would give you your desired request. But first get across to your lga.
      I understand the whole fear of bornu state , but please quickly speak top officials to see what can be done and most likely your request would be granted

    • Hello Mimi , I am not so sure about that . As they would need a proof. It might be a little difficult o ,But please try and let me know the outcome .

  23. Maybe i just go with my pregnancy test result..
    Cos i dont think i can serve in bayelsa with my condition’
    Thanks for the reply.

  24. Am pregnant, Can I go along with the nysc registration since d barn is starting from batch c

  25. Hello dear! Thank u for taking out time to answer these questions. We really do appreciate it. Pls I got information that pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed for nysc service. What does it really mean? Do I go ahead with registration, or just leave everything as it is; as my name has bin enlisted? Or do i need to apply for exemption? If tats the case, how do one apply for it? Thanks a lot

  26. my baby is a year and four month will I be allowed in
    camp and how many days will I spend.

  27. Hi, plz am not pregnant but I have a health condition. Am SS. Will I be allowed to leave camp that same day after my registration? Plz reply. Thanks

  28. Hi pls I was among the first stream that just passed out,i apply for relocation on marital ground which was granted but the problem is I need to go back because I also apply for cancellation. Have to yet report pls how do I go about it thank

  29. Am PCM 2016 batch b, please what’s the faith of a pregnant woman, is there anything like decamping this time around coz of the news am hearing of nysc banning pregnant woman from service.

  30. Hello, I will among those going in January and I want to know if I will b allowed to go wit my 2yrs old baby cos there is no one to watch him while am away

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