Goodluck Jonathan , President of the federal republic of Nigeria and some other top important  government functionaries escaped what would have been a disaster as the N9billion Presidential Jet developed technical fault, while they were aboard on Saturday at Minna airport , Niger state.

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The presidential jet, Nigerian Air Force 001, had earlier conveyed Jonathan to Minna for PDP North-Central rally which held in the state. But when at the end of the rally, the President returned to the airport in company of top government officials, PDP state governors and party chiefs for a trip to Sokoto, from where he was scheduled to return to Abuja, they didn’t know that something strange was waiting for them…. Several minutes after Jonathan had bade farewell to those who accompanied him to the airport, and the door of the aircraft was shut, the aircraft failed to move.

After many attempts, crew members and engineers, for the first time, had to disembarked from the aircraft and made spirited efforts to fix the fault as armed security men took strategic positions around the place.

While this was going on, Vice-President Namadi Sambo; Senate President, David Mark; PDP governors and National Assembly and Federal Executive Council members were watching in disbelieve. They couldn’t understand why a Presidential Jet that they voted billions of Naira for its maintenance would be in such a bad shape that it couldn’t fly any more. Is it that the Ogas are pocketing the money for servicing?

When it became obvious that Nigeria’s Number One Presidential plane has been grounded, the commander of the Presidential Air Fleet, Air Vice Marshal Uko Ebong, ordered that a smaller presidential jet, which took the Vice-President to the state be brought to fly Jonathan.

President Jonathan disembarked from the faulty jet around 3.30pm and quickly moved to the smaller aircraft. All the top government officials and PDP governors who had rushed into the first plane with Jonathan all come down with long faces, with some of them sweating heavily. It was indeed a big embarrassment as many started making alternative travel arrangements.

When asked what happened to the plane, a FAAN official simply said: “The return engine refused to pick.”

Na wa!!!



  1. This is embarrassing and excruciating . What were the Engineers and Technicians doing for this to get this humiliating level. Mr. President,open your eyes,enemies everywhere. This was a gambit to truncate your life.

      • Dat so called jonathan tink he escap d first taget ba,ok let watch 4 part 2 taget idiot.

      • I don’t understand wat the Panic is all about. There has been instances where brand new cars & planes that flew for weeks developed mechanical problems. In United States of America ,during a trip to Hawaii years back the presidential Jet Air Force One had a technical problems. So wat is d panic all about?

    • Abeg keep una mouth shot u think if ur death come or an accident engineers wil come serve u na lie is only Almighty can protect

  2. What a narrow escap, u still hv more life ahead. May God keep on protecting you Mr president.

  3. By my time, is just 1:07 and the reporter said 3:30pm. What are you reporting? An action that did not happen or an action that is about to happen in about 2:23 two hour twienty three mimutes to come?

  4. If u lucky this time around u won’t be lucky next time …… Idiot mumu presido illuminate member

  5. Well, he still have much to accomplish for Nigeria. May God keep preserving your life, Mr. President.

  6. Let the will of God be done in Nigeria…NIGERIA is my country and i such much love nd respect my country…. If it is your will let the worse happen..if that is nut from u den plz father be our helper

  7. the question here is that, how do i know what really happen to him? (johnathan)

  8. Dead is an inevitable end of everybody and every one has his appointed time to dead! No spirit can transit to the next world without the consent of creator even if the universe gangs against it! lest wish good to one another and pray for our leaders to lead us properly.

  9. Jonathan attended the PDP mega rally at Oshogbo, osun-state on Saturday . so when did he left for minna to attend another rally again?

  10. Well,the falling of a leaf from the tree can not be done except with the knowledge of Allah.So thank God for saving the life of the president and his crews! May Allah save us all from trauma,aameen!

  11. Allah know’s better, if he is alive or not, at end of the day he most die, and he will see all what he did during his time.

  12. It is good the aircraft did not start talk les of moving. Have you taken your time to ask what if it had developed this mysterious fault while airborne? May the God heaven be our God!

  13. Its not proper on u people to do bad prayer on president,,its better to pray peace nd harmony in all NIGERIA as far as my concern,,still now dats my prayer,,,oh GOD gives us living in peace nd GUD LEADERsssss

  14. This serves as a warning alert to him because he is about to transit to the next level where he will not come back again,and he will explain their the number of pple he killed.Allah would continue saving us from the danger of unbelievers,ameen

  15. Ha haha hahaha na so. We dey waiting to hear what realy happen to mr badluck {mai malafa}