Augustine Ahmedu, popularly known as Blackface, former member of the defunct hit group, Plantashaun Boiz is seriously broke. The talented songwriter and singer has turned homeless, squatting in a single room with a friend in the seedy part of FESTAC Town, Lagos.

Showbiz Trends gathered that the situation may be the aftermath of his wife, Dayo’s moving out of what used to be their matrimonial home somewhere in FESTAC Town,

Blackface was allegedly issued a quit notice by his landlord when the rent expired. And with no means of renting another apartment, he was bailed out by one of his friends, Olumide, the younger brother of Deji Falope, ex-Soundcity VeeJay, who accommodated him in his room within their family house at 201 Road, FESTAC Town.

Further checks revealed that after spending some time in Olumide’s room, the family asked him to leave the place. This time, with nowhere else to go, the singer was forced to go back to another one of his old friends, who stays around 202 Road, B Close, Block A.

A source disclosed that the new place was a decrepit room that belies Blackface’s status. The new place is some blocks away from the residence of Blackface’s uncle, a serving Colonel in the Army, with whom he had stayed when he came to Lagos. He could not go back to his uncle whom, we learnt, is ill and was not favourably disposed to the kind of life that the singer lived when he was on top of his game.

Showbiz Trends learnt that Blackface became a spendthrift when the going was good. He used to drive flashy cars about town but now takes public transport.

Many have been worried about his present state and wondered why his former band mates-2Face Idibia and Faze-who are doing well, have not come to his aid, but sources close to the former band mates said he was not on good terms with them. The source said there was a betrayal of trust among the guys when they were together but each have tried to mask the acrimony. Blackface could not be reached for comments.