Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan in a #tbt photo on instagram

I am so smiling right now . It’s such a cute photo . Actress Lindsay Lohan posted a Throwback Thursday shot to Instagram on Sept. 12 that’s just incredible in so many ways. For one thing, the troubled actress, 27, who’s currently trying to turn her life and career around with help from Oprah, looks so young and innocent and fresh-faced in the shot. For another, she’s posing next to fellow child actress Kirsten Dunst!

Kirsten Dunst Lindsay Lohan

The pic shows the photogenic pair, pre-Hollywood fame, modeling spring ensembles for a catalog. Dunst, who’s older than Lohan by four years, wears a pretty floral dress with lace collar and a floppy hat, while a cute Lohan hams it up in a very early-’90s outfit — a stone-washed denim jacket with matching denim skirt.

SOURCE : us mag