At first it was like a rumour that was being spread about the first lady being sick abroad but now from a reliable source it is true o!

The First lady, Patience Jonathan,  is undergoing treatment at a German hospital for “ruptured appendicitis.” Can you imagine ? she was thought to have food poisoning . she fell sick 10 days ago

I just pray its not what i an thinking. Any ways , if it is truly “ruptured appendicitis that she is diagnosed with ,she will only undergo a minor surgery(Appendectomy)to cut off her Appendix.That’s all!

I wish her quick recovery o! but seriously does it mean that no hospital in Nigeria has good enough hands to sort the situation out??? that is really bad  o. i know of really good hospitals with world class professionals that would have handled this case. they just have this mentality of going abroad. mtcheeew.