Finally, after a long time of judgement ,trials a verdict has been passed on by judge Masipa in Pretoria After Oscar shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.He was cleared of Murder yesterday.

Also the international olympic committee has said Oscar wont be allowed to participate in any competitions anymore.

Oscar Pistorius

He will be jailed for Maximum of 5 years with 3 years suspended term for firearm charge and might be out in 10 months after some consideration.

Judge Thokozile Masipa reads her verdict in the trial of Oscar Pistorius

Many South African’s are critical of the justice system and see it as favouring the white, privileged classes.

Judge Masipa was obviously aware of this today, at one point saying it would be

“a sad day for this country if it seemed there is one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous.”

Will South Africans be satisfied with five years in jail for Pistorius?
Do you think this is racist ? If Oscar was black will he get this same Judgement ? Is this a dent on African Judiciary System.?

Is Justice being served ?