Monthly Clearance is that time of the month when every National Youth Corper smiles to the bank as Alawee is eagerly anticipated.

This is the time of the month where  you have to be nicest to the NYSC officials in your LG. where you submit a letter from your PPA (employer) to your LGI (Local Government Inspector) saying that you worked the previous month… 

There are procedures you need to take and you should take note of to avoid errors, and mistake. So its actually not about only the money , but the procedure that it requires to be able to be paid without hassle.


The First major step is getting your Clearance Letter from Your PPA (place of primary assignment) as without this , no clearance can be done. It is a proof of your employer approval for you to be paid.
So if you skip work , just kiss that alawee Good bye
The next major step is submitting the clearance letter and having it approved by your NYSC secretariat.

NYSC Monthly Clearance Procedure To take note

1. Get letter from PPA stating you have been cleared for the month . Make a Photocopy of the clearance from your PPA and make sure it is signed.
2. Take it to LGA

3. Make sure you are properly kitted in the correct NYSC Attire. This is when officials would be looking for every reason to frustrate you . Don’t give them a chance.
3. Make photocopies of your letter from your PPA and other required documents
4. Find your file with your registered CDS group , Locate the folder where your file is kept which is usually according to the CDS group you belong to.Sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes or sometimes longer.
6.Then Head on to Join the Queue. Go along with your Pen and if you can have a stapler also …
7. After that make sure you put all the necessary documents together which are ;
  • Clearance letter
  • passport photograph
  • Nysc call up letter
  • letter of acceptance from PPA

8. Take photocopy inside the file and take both original and photocopy to the LGI to sign on it
9. Submit file with photocopy inside and give original to LGI Local Government Inspector.

Recently , the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has introduced a bio metric system to monitor the activities of corps members during their service year.
So now there is  Bio metric clearance but have not been implemented in all states as at this writing. It was introduced to apprehend corpers usually not around for their monthly clearance. So henceforth you have to be there presently during your monthly clearance so as to get captured.

Also it was introduced to address irregular signatures leading to non-payment of the monthly allowances, absenteeism and poor collation and storage of data among other challenges.

Director, Corps Welfare and Inspectorate of the scheme, Mike Ahile said the biometric system will be used to monitor submission of monthly clearance, Community Development Services (CDS) attendance etc.