Do you know that in Nigeria our fashion Industry is expanding rapidly everyday and we have amazing deisgners that you might not have noticed..

So we came up with this segment, Nigerian Designers To Know where we would be giving you headsup on Designers you probabaly should patronize. Lets support Made in Nigeria.

Nigerian Designers To Know #1- Nack

N.A.C.K (Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection) is a Made in Nigeria Fashion brand that has redefined the strides in fashion in Nigeria.

It is a brand with international quality established since 2006 by Akinpeloye tolulope aka Luto Tailo who happens to also be the creative director behind the N.A.C.K brand.

N.A.C.K (Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection) is designed for the confident man and woman.

Starting from Uni Days in 2006, the brand was one of the top that broke fashion staus quo and set a pace for himself and the brand in Covenant University.

N.A.C.K’s commitment to fashion remains the same to open up to citizens that believe in a true culture of urban and free fashion; fashion that reveals the person and promotes image; fashion that transforms, inspires and empowers.

On August 5th 2012, the brand launched its official store and opned to the public for business at  Nack Store, C41, RD1, Ikota Shopping Complex, Lekki Express, Lagos.
The brand  is described as one with a fusion of Nubian cultures and articulated in interplay of the fashion equilibrium.
“It is an inspiration, an identity, an impetus that instills style, freedom & confidence into people all over the world“. Luto Tailo
N.A.C.K is a brand that explores the social awareness and trends of today’s modern society people; the urban population within the ages of (16-45), both sexes.

N.A.C.K’s bold approach to casual wears for both sexes has caught on like wild fire amongst young people all over the nation; creating a viral need and yearning towards association with the brand.

Today, N.A.C.K has become a movement with  massive followership from the youth community across borders and class.

The Nack Brand is a strong African Brand that communicates a sense of confidence and esteem to anyone who loves to spice up their outlook with some African flavour.
Our products have been carefully designed to enhance the style and flair of your personal wardrobe. At NACK, we pay optimum attention to your dress sense.- NACK
On Sunday 27th of September 2015 the second store was birthed called the N A C K L E T  located at the Departure Lounge, Local Terminal, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja.
 Since then till this time of writing Nack has opened stores in various parts of Nigeria as well as crossed the borders.
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