A ship bound for italy which set from libya ealry august, was trying to cross the mediterranean when the unimaginable happened. the ship was caught up in the rough seas, the captain, a nigerian started picking victims for human sacrifices to appease the seas. victims were picked on basis of ethnic origin and nationality.

According to witnesses, victims were picked on the basis of their ethnic origin or nationality after the selection, a number of Nigerian women performed a macabre dance of death before victims were thrown into the sea. One survivor recounted what happened. ‘I saw a group of Nigerian women carrying out a strange magic ritual and afterwards they pointed at various people. ‘The first who was grabbed had his hands and feet tied and he was then thrown alive into the sea.’
Just like the slaves on board Zong those immigrants did not have to die such a horrific death just because the captain thought he was trying to save the rest of those on board.

nigerians are now advancing into international killings not even on land , now on sea. hmmmm. cant even imagine such act of wickedness to fellow humans. may GOD forgive them