Zac Olumegbon,15 the youngest child of his family,fondly called littel zac walked to school at 8.45am, four members of the guns and shanks from the angel town estate Brixton gang leapt from a waiting car and stabbed him four times, twice in the chest and once each in the neck and buttocks.zac was a member of the TN1 gang(trust no one) from tulse was said to be a revenge attack on a GAS gang member who had been stabbed bya TN1 gang rival when zac was present in mid june.
the day before he was murdered he spoke at a conference on youth violence. what an irony. another young boy was injured and stabbed due to confrontation by the GAS but luckily didn’t die.

Gang members Helder ‘Mad H’ Demorais, 17, Ricardo ‘Maggi’ Giddings, 17, Jamal ‘J-Kid’ Moore, 17, and Kyle ‘Clickz’ Kinghorn, who was 18 yesterday, were found guilty of murder and face life sentences.
Shaquille Haughton, aged 16, burst into tears and put his head on a prison officer’s shoulder as he was cleared of murder, but convicted of manslaughter.

Zac’s mother,Shakira Olumegbon described him as a loveable character who brought “so much laughter and light” to the family.

may his soul rest in peace.