Govenor chime is said to still be alive hale and hearty , by dubem onya Former Minister of state for foreign affairs.

It seems the media and news being passed around has sides to it. Well news came in from a source that he passed on last night at about 9pm.

Meanwhile, The PUNCH’s Enugu State correspondent, Ozioma Ubabukoh, was harassed by seven men who claimed to be security agents in front of his apartment in Enugu around 11.45pm on Saturday.

The men seized Ubabukoh’s phone and his laptop in order to stop him from sending stories to the head office.

As at press time, the men were still in Ubabukoh’s apartment and insisted that they were not leaving until 3am.

Efforts to get across to some commissioners in the state were not successful as their phones were switched off.

The rumour was rife in enugu town all evening yesterday but as at this evening, his excellency is still alive. He is seriously ill but who among us has never been ill? Yet we all pulled thru.

Please let us all pray for him because this is hat he needs most now. I would give you more updates sha.