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Still basking on the euphoria of the Grey Jonz’ produced single, “Play Love”, the self-proclaimed ‘Half man, Half Amazing,’ Dipp returns with brand new single, Mademoiselle .

In this new single, TripleMG’s super producer and singer, Selebobo accompanies Dipp in delivering redolent master-piece tagged, Mademoiselle that is a danceable, tuneful and highly addictive single.

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“Mademoiselle” is a French word used to address unmarried women, as expected, Dipp and Selebobo used vastly intoxicating lyrics to convey the beauty of the song.

It seems there can’t be a better collaboration in Nigeria Music Industry this year with the infusion of  Dipp and Selebobo’s highly infectious chorus on “Mademoiselle.

Dipp Ft. Selebobo  Mademoiselle