MMM is back !Yes so the 3 million plus participants , those who have been praying ,fasting can now relax .

But there are certain things every one interested or who is an investor in this scheme should know .

1. The scheme is back …Transactions and GH-REQUESTS can now be made .

2. It’s a gradual payback system .

For those who were thrown into panic by the disappearance and halt of the platform last year.You won’t be able to just withdraw all.

3.Theres a set internal output limit .

Just like bank limits , only a certain amount can be paid back daily …

When the initial rush returns . Limits would be removed and back to normal.

4. The poor & Economically disadvantaged First.

Members with small PH amounts would be attended to …So rich members take a chill pill.

So Nigerians and those involved kindly share and don’t forget , it’s just for your spare cash only o .