yes, we all have read it somewhere long ago before now:
why would a girl that Claim to love you; and sends u
:::: boxers and expect a BB ?
:::A tie and expect Brazillian hair?
::singlet and expect iPAD2
:::cufflinks and expect Black berry porsche
::::nothing at all and expect an expensive dinner @ KFC
::::pay her school fees and she is on her period three times a month yet we preach gender equality….

As a result of d observable injustice and inequlity. Τ̲̅ђe Boyfriends Association of Nigeria (BAN) in its 17th annual general meeting held yesterday at d federal secretariat Abuja, has concluded, dat it should be on (TB) trade by barter this feb 14th coming in d next 25 days simply:
A singlet for bra.
A boxers for a pant.
A roll on’ for a sure Pef.
Cufflinks,give her rubber band to tie her natural hair.
If she shows up at ur door empty handed,off ur cable,put NTA for her to watch.
If she gives u flower,u give her mango leaf,after all,d two are gotten from trees..If she come for a dinner without money take her to night vigil.
The above statement has been sighed by d president of d association and forwarded to all concerned bodies,expecially,2 d senate committe on relationship and conflict resolution as our exchange rate dis feb 14th. we in honour of d above resolution, hereby suspend our lingering three wks strike and use d opportunity to urge our loving girlfriends to prepare for d lovers day signed:
Chairman BAN!