Nigerian menswear design label Vanskere is out with a new collection through its diffusion line “Signore Fusion” for Spring 2017.


Speaking on the line, the label’s creative director Evans Akere says “The focus was to maintain a Possible Conversation that reflected a cohesive aesthetic sensibility with a twist between both labels that are significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”

Possible Conversations explores on the silence and reserve of Vanskere, introducing a new silhouette constructed on the idea of texture and design.

Signore Fusion is a hippier menswear label that started out as a theme of series for its parent label.
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Designer: Evans Akere
Styling and Direction: TheStyleInfideL
Photography: Spotlight PI
Makeup: Omowunmi Makeovers
PR: Morsi Pr
Models: Kelvin Godson and Adams Iyere for FEW Model