MeetTheBloggers 1: Demi Akin


Welcome to the #EbMeetTheBloggers

We know Bloggers are cool, hence we would be having a new segment on EvateseBlog which would be showcasing and celebrating Bloggers Globally giving them the spotlight we know they deserve.

So here’s our first feature where we get to really know Who DEMI AKIN is

Who is Demi Akin ?

Why Blogging? 

Because I love sharing new knowledge I gain in any aspect of my life with people!

When did you start Blogging? :


What’s Your niche and why? :

I blog mainly about DIY and Fashion because those two aspects describe me COMPLETELY. Stylish and very nifty/creative

What are your three favorite tools you can’t live without as a blogger?

My phone, Photoshop Lightroom and my tripod

What advice would you give for newbie bloggers ? 

Just be yourself and enjoy the process.

You won’t know everything from the beginning and you’ll probably get a million things wrong but experience is the best teacher!

What would you have done differently when you started blogging?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

What do you Blog For ? Passion Or Money 

The Passion but I love when money comes in too! – Who doesn’t lol

Fav Food , Fav Color 

My favourite food… I don’t have one but I really love Chinese cuisine. My favourite colour – You can easily check my instagram and I’m sure you’ll know lol – BLUSH PINK!

What Blog can you not do without visiting daily 

My blog… lol. I actually don’t read any blog on a daily basis but my most visited blog has to be ” A pair and A Spare DIY

Who’s your blog crush ?

What site : A pair and A spare DIY lol. Geneva Vanderzeil’s blog is absolutely amazing! She’s blogger goals for me

Who Inspires You

Geneva Vanderzeil

Do you think Blogging is Over Rated 

Not at all.

What’s your Biggest Challenge Blogging especially In your country (Nigeria)  ? Resources. The cost of getting the resources I need is quite high plus they are not easily accessible

What’s your Monetizing Strategy ?

Still working on it for 2018!

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