On the Celebrity of the week Segment , we feature an ace actor ,a humouurous individual, a role model,Nigerian actor, writer, producer and entrepreneur. and of course one of Nollywood Finest , Wale Ojo . Read on and find out what you really dont  know about him .

MEET WALE OJOWale Ojo is a Nigerian-born Uk-based actor wo has made his mark in the movie industry for more than 40 years.

The 52 year old actor caught the acting bug and started actig as child prodigy and star with first television station in Africa.

Wale began acting with the first television station in Africa as a child prodigy and star. He turned professional in the United Kingdom at the age of 21.

Wale had his major part of his childhood in Ibadan where he caught his acting bug at the age of 9, 1970. Even during holidays , he went back to acting before school resumed.

He started acting with the oldest television station in Africa —Nigerian Television Authority, Ibadan.


He moved to London in 1976 ,to continue his schooling and since then hes been shuffling between both countries to work on various creative projects.

His Mom , Mrs Ojo was an actress . He also had influneces from top shots like Zulu Sofola, Wole Soyinka, Femi Johnson, Wale Ogunyemi, Akin Lewis, Olumide Bakare etc. No wonder he excels in the game

In an interview , he reminiscenced,

I remember climbing the mango tree, playing hide and seek or doctors and nurses, chasing my friends across the roads and running from masquerades. I had a wonderful childhood.

My mother was an actress she worked a lot with (renowned female playwright and academic) Zulu Sofola. She was my mother’s best friend and they were all part of the Ibadan Players.

His mentors while climbing the ladder of acting were  late Sam Loco Efe, Chika Okpala, aka Zebrudaya, Robert Ogunde, Ola Rotimi and James Iroha.

He studied drama in the university and also has a course / degree in theratre arts.

Wale Ojo is a pioneer and founder of the New Nigerian Cinema whose aim is to improve the quality of Nigerian films.


Speaking in an interview , Wale disclosed  his passion for theatre.

“As an actor, I believe I’m a versatile actor, I’ve done film, theatre, TV, radio, but theatre’s always being my no. 1. That’s really where I honed my craft as an actor.

It’s just of recent years that I’ve done films, maybe I’ve done about nine across the world. I always come back to theatre. I believe constantly in doing theatre; that’s the only way I keep my acting brain sharp.”

Wale is so passionate about the film industry both home and abroad, board of the British Film Institute. He has cinemas such as the British Film Institute in Southbank, London where he shows Nigerian films.

He runs a yearly festival titled New Nigerian Cinema day at the British Film Institute in London and not  to forget  he is a great lover of Shakespeare.

Wale has starred in most sitcoms such as Tinsel where he played the role of Nosa. and In 2013 he took home the award for best actor for his portrayal of ‘Akin’ in phone swap’.

Wale is drawn to what inspires and moves him.

Talking about his stature , in an interview , he reveals.

Well I’ve always been quite slim; I find it difficult to gain weight. But I eat a lot. There was a day we finished shooting by 3:00am and I ordered for pounded yam. But I work out to keep fit.

Asides the Movie Life of Wale , he is also into his charity  called the Virgo Foundation which is about promotion of African arts and culture, its vast history and heritage to a public hungry for the true knowledge of African affairs.

He has always been and is known as a preacher and promoter of African produce in the indusrty.

He doesnt see himself stopping to being irrelevant in the indusrty even when hes in heaven as he eleives his legacy would live on.

He also worked on a documentary titled Kalakuta Despise, a movie on Fela.

I am professional, but I still have a lot to learn. That is the beauty of it. I cannot say I have learnt all there is to know about acting. It is a lifetime learning process. Every new job, scene or character teaches me a new thing. If I do not learn, I am being lazy and it is dangerous for an actor to be lazy.

The actor, who plays an assassinated African head of state in JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN is also vocal about is the disparity in the earnings of African-American actors and their Black British actors.

Wale apart from acting has a love for music as it is a passsion and sees himslef as a learning musician.