Q Who re you? Tell us about yourself.

          A Lol….that’s a Harsh question, hehe, I Am Wale Adenuga, the Photographer, CEO WA Photography Studio, Head Photog/CEO WA Models

Q Describe yourself in three words
         A ‘I am Awesome!!!’ LoL…. that was Proud shey? Hahahhahaa

Q what motivated u most into your career? What was or is the driving force still keeping you.
          A  My motivation…hmmnn….Photography actually started as my hobby, then I Came across Talented Folks like Jide Alakija, Tunji Sarumi, Ross Oscar Knight, and my Latest crush, Kelechi Amadi Obi, (No, am nt Gay o!) But  iAdmire these people’s works…and their works motivated me to Pick up photography as a career, Yup! They are Guilty! And my driving force, errmm….i Really don’t know, but there’s an unexplainable urge to surpass myself every day….

Tell us something about you that is new, any upcoming project ?

Yes! Something new, a lot of things! Don’t know where to start, but We(Wale Adenuga studioz) working with a couple of artists, to produce concept photographs; these artists include Trybe’s Eva, Mavin’s Dr. Sid, D’Prince, and a Host of others, just to mention a few…

Q Who and what inspires you ?
My inspiration is unknown to me, to be honest, because  my Photography is not similar to anyone’s photography, my photography is Art…..I’ld like 2 say God, and Art.

Q what’s your philosophy on dressing ?what dictates your fashion sense ?
A Haha….My philosophy….well, If I feel an outfit looks good on me, then I’ll wear it! Don’t really care what anybody thinks…its my body, my feeling…not yours *smiles*
And I Neva really follow the fashion Trend, they don’t dictate what I wear, like  d pencil jeans guys r now wearing, I can Neva wear dat…..it just feels….uncomfortable

Q Tell us about your academic background ,how did your family and friends take your change of career considering you studied something else in school ?
A   Oh! That question, I am a Builder by Profession, studied Building technology at Covenant University, graduated 2010, and Photography with my friends, that was easy, they were supportive coz they liked my output, but my parents, it just took a bit of time and patience to make them understand…that this (photography) is what I want to do

Q  What  are the challenges you face ?

A  Well…there was the ultimate challenge of ‘is there Money in Photography’ I’ll tell u No! Am saying No because Photography is not a quick fast earning business, it takes time, sure a lot of photographers are making money, but they didn’t start making the Big Bucks until 2 or 3 years of experience and credibility in the business, as for me, am in my third year, so am feeling lucky *bigGrin*

Q  Who are Your Role mode l, heroes and mentors?
A  My Role Model…..let me be Honest, My mum….Yes, you’ll probably call me a mummy’s boy, but aren’t we all? Lol……My Mum is a SuperWoman….Don’t know how she does it but she is always available at all Times…She’s like that one person that never screws u over…My Hero…..ermm…….I don’t know …..LOL….Jesus maybe…….Mentors, I would say Tunji Sarumi, aka the Best Wedding Photographer I have ever met! Big Ups to him!

Q How do u manage your female fans?

A  Hahahahaaha…..how do I Manage my female fans….am single, so I Treat them equal…..it just makes things easier…Just hope when I Decide to get hooked by one Hawtie, she would understand, but it’s not my fault, am an ashewo boi…..hahahaahaha

Q How was growing up like?
A   I Have 2 siblings, and we’ve lived with parents if not all of our childhood lives….though I Had the Grandparent experience, Growing up has been fun, though am still growing daily sha…

Q   Relationship Status?
A I think I already said it, but just for emphasis, i Am Single….:) but #DearFutureGirlFriend, u don dey tey ooo! LOL

Q   What motivated you into photography
A   Ah! I actually wanted to be an Editor, u know, Magazine wise, until One day I Took a photo with my first camera, and Viola…i was mesmerized, I went out to take more and more photos, and I developed a passion for it.

Q Tell us your best experience so far?
       A    Ah! Eva is doing interview on me, hehheheh, dat 1 sef na experience toh bad o! Lol…i have got so many…Like back in 2010 when I Met my Mentor Tunji Sarumi, that was an Epic moment! Can’t forget that….Shot Pastor Isaac Oyedepo’s wedding with him….And Moment was meeting my surest Padi, Eva, nt u o! Aka Miss Alordiah….LOL, Eva ya my Paddy too o
Ehen! Yes! Remember ya’al can follow me on twitter -> @waleadenuga and for the Business handle -> @WA_studioz also on facebook -> www.facebook.com/waleadenugastudios or wwww.facebook.com/waleadenugaphotography and lastly on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/waleadenugaphotography Yep! Am everywhere!!!! Peace!
So the interview is over…Thank you!


It was great chatting with you wale , wish you all the best in your career