The Nollywood industry has been taken by storm with the emergence of Lota Chukwu,actress, model and yoga enthusiast.

Born as Ugwu Lotachukwu JACINTA Obianuju Amelia on November 29th 1989 . She is a native of Nsukka LGA in Enugu State.
She is the last child with three older siblings. Her growing up years were mostly spent in Benin.
 She had her educational exprience all in Benin from primary, secondary and also her university education.
She attended the University of Benin where she bagged a degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension Services.
She took a step further to sharpen and improve her acting skills at the Royal Arts Academy which assisted in giving her a formal background.
According to her , She explains how she caught the Acting Bug. She took acting professionally in 2011 amd since then shes been making waves.
In SS3, we were shooting our final school album and the photographer brought up the idea of modeling, so I started from there. I did it for a couple of years but stopped when I got into the university. In my third year, I decided to go for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2011, and that changed everything for me. I haven’t looked back since. – Lotachukwu
In 2014 December precisely, Lota chukwu gained the spotlight when she starred in the very popular Jenifa’s diary as Kiki.
She also has starred in a couple of amazing movies  such as The Perfect Plan,Fine girl ,Iyore, Wind Chasers, Spotlight etc.
Her formal debut was in the movie Fine Girl made by acclaimed producer Uduak Isong which was a favourite by many.
It will always be one of my favourites because it was my first sole lead. Nothing beats your first.- Lota Chukwu
In 2011, she put in for contesting for the  Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) crown which also gave her an easy sway in the Movie industry.
Talking about Family, Lota chukwu is a proud single mom of 4 adorable dogs.
You have just one chance. No-one is going to say ‘take two,’ so there’s that tension to do it right and when you do, the cheer from the crowd is everything -LC
Asides from acting Lota chukwu also blogs, cooks and her major Yoga.
Talking Yoga, she diecovered the art when she gained a few pounds and neded to shed .
Talking about style, in an interview with the nation, she reveals that
It has to be something comfortable. I don’t do well with glam and all that. If I have my way, I will only wear make-up once a month. I used to be a bit of a tomboy and there are still slight traces of that, but when I want to get all glammed up, I like to think I can do it but it has to be clean, nothing overly dramatic and nothing too sexual.