yeah, this post is to all ladies outta there, who keeps on wondering why she is still single. well, i hope this helps .
there are a lot of things we ladies do that makes us fall under this same category. you might be wondering why?. well this is it.
there are little acts of ours that we put up unconsciously and some consciously that repel the men from us. there are lots of men out there but still the rate of single ladies to “taken” ladies is kinda high.also being single is no respecter of persons, either by colour, or race or class. i am sure you have heard this saying”the rich also cry”
these are some reasons I believe women are still single

1. unapproachable
there are ladies whose facial expression repels the guys from coming closer. some ladies who don’t smile, can keep people from approaching her. Guys need some green-light action so when they glance over and you don’t smile back, they take it as a “don’t even think about it” signal or what are you looking at?. mostly, ladies who are always in the company of their girlfriends without even an alone time makes them unapproachable by guys.If you’re always with people how can people walk up to you? Try going to the movies alone, jogging, taking a walk, and see what happens…