Another online debate is on. We all heard about #thedress so forget that now its #upordown is the cat going up or down the stairs?

I saw this yesterday and it has got me thinking and having a very strong view on the motion of the cat which is actually obvious.

Here we have an image of a cat going downstairs. Or, perhaps, upstairs. Which is it? Please look. Please stare. Please dedicate your finest deductive skills. Focus

After A Gag9 user posted the image and made it viral, lots of people are throwing in strong opinions and the Cat all of a sudden is happening.

Some are talking about the motion of the cat , while some are discussing about how the stairs are constructed.

The cat is clearly going down the stairs, because you can see the ledges. Or they aren’t ledges, they’re actually caps on either side of the stairs, which means that the cat could be going either way.

Some think the light indicates that the cat is going up the stairs, while others see the light as incontrovertible evidence that the cat is going down.

So which way is the cat going ? #UpOrDown

Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on staircases.