If you believe in being elegant and chic then this look book is for you as Nigeria’s number one fashion retail store, Grey Velvet, has just released a perfect campaign for the season tagged, Chateau Grey Velvet .


The editorial features some of our favorite Nigerian fashion labels such as Orange Culture, Ituen Basi, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Bland2Glam, Grey, Fia Factory, Kamokini, Aimas and Grey Velvet’s in-house labels, Isi Brown and Frankie & Co.

Now in its 4th year in Business, with four stores Nationwide and two in-house labels, Grey Velvet has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

In the campaign images, the models are photographed in pieces from each brand, showing the flexibility, creativity and uniqueness of the looks.

The Chateau Grey Velvet campaign is a modern chic concept that epitomizes all that the brand has to offer!


Nigerian designers have certainly stepped up a notch with detailing and more.

From their work wear pieces to outfits for weddings and events to casual kaftans; Grey Velvet celebrates the elegance, sophistication and multifaceted nature of Nigerian women.

Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-1 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-2 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-3 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-4 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-5 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-6 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-10 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-12  Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-17  Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-24 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-25 Grey-Velvet-chateau-grey-velvet-campaign-fashion-retail-store-26

All featured pieces are available in stores NOW! #BuyNigerianBuyGreyVelvet

So lets Take a look!


Photography: Emmanuel Oyeleke – @emmanueloyeleke

Models: Chinny (Catch22 Models), Mimi (Zahara Models), Temi (Few Models)

Make Up: Akhetuamen Eseose – @Eseosebrownie

Hair Styling: Fabulous – @fabulousking1

Styling & Creative Direction: Adebayo Okelawal – @theorangenerd