Driving in rainy conditions is a different ball game entirely  and since the rainy season is upon us again , with hard-to-predict downpours occurring almost everyday , here are some Rainy season Car Checklist this you need to know.

With thorough research , i have compiled 6 very important  Rainy Season car checklist to keep your riding in good faith and shape this season .

Important Rainy Season Car Checklist To Know

Important Rainy Season Car Checklist To Know (1)

1.  Check Your Tires
Your Tires are very vulnerable to wear and tear during this season .

check your tires regularly Rainy Season Car Checklist

Always ensure that your tires have the right amount of pressure as stated in the car’s manual.

On a slippery road, your tires are the only things that come between your car and the concrete or asphalt below.

Also, don’t forget to have your wheels aligned to help the car avoid visible obstructions such as potholes and bumps which are usually submerged in water during the rainy season.

Check-your-tires-tire-coin-testso have you done your quarter test on the tires recently ? if not then do them asap . Safety is a priority .

2. Your Wiper Blades

is your wiper blade good Rainy Season Car Checklist
Always change your wiper blades every other year by either changing the rubber part of the blade or having the entire blade replaced, to ensure constant visibility.
If both front and back blades are not up to scratch, get them replaced now.

3. What Glass Treatment do you use ?
It is advisable to purchase and have a rain repellent treatment on your windshield wiper at least every month .

Car-Glass-treatement-Rainy Season Car Checklist

And now that the rainy season is here , you would need your windshield to be clear as possible .

4. Your Washer fluid
Make sure you have the proper amount of windshield washer fluid in the reservoir. it always comes in handy

5. Your Brakes
When last did you check your brakes ? last month ? six months ago ? or even a year ?
It is advised that a monthly break check should be carried out  on your cars.

Check your car brakes Rainy Season Car Checklist
During rainy season , your breaks are quite vulnerable and have a high tendency to loose its grip when rain water gets in the system most especially older cars.
In order to be safe , do test your brakes before you kick off that trip especially during this rainy season .

6.  Check Your Lights
Are all the lights in your car functional and in good shape ?
Car lights such as  headlights, fog lamps, signal lights, brake lights including third brake lights are very very helpful during rainy days .

Especially when there is a heavy downpour  and visibility is poor , it is advised to turn on your lights in order to be seen by others in the rain .


Also being safety conscious , when having a hard time driving in the rain and you cant really have a grip of whats in your front , please pull over to the side of the road and wait for the rain to at least reduce or stop or when you can see the road more clearly .

the lack of light reduces detail and conceals hazards such as pedestrians, bicycles, stalled cars, and curves. It is more difficult to judge the speed and position of other vehicles.

Dont forget to Turn on your hazard lights when you are parked. Being visible to drivers and pedestrians is the one of the most important things during rainy days.

7. Drive safely
As said earlier , safety is our most concern . So drive moderately during heavy rains , don’t over speed.


8. Check Your Battery
Your car’s battery is its lifeline and even perhaps your own. During rainy days they undergo immense pressure from the headlights, air conditioning, wipers and even radio being turned on all at once.

car-battery Rainy Season Car Checklist
Have a mechanic test your battery to determine whether it is still up for the job in terms of output and charging time.

Driving in the rain is different than driving in fair weather, thanks to complications from reduced visibility to longer stopping distances to hydroplaning. Also there are tips you need to know while driving in the rain .

What other Rainy Season car checklist item did we miss ? share your experiences  below! eager to hear from you .