Notably, most women prefer having the red lipstick in the purse wherever they go. They feel better and more confident when they use the red lipstick.

Notably, most of them believe that using this lipstick does not need to be accompanied by a lot of makeup. As a matter of fact, some ladies just use the red lipstick and avoid other makeup.   select-perfect-lipstickThis is usually the case if they are in a hurry. Red lipstick is linked to making women look better, beautiful and sexy.

However, it is necessary to find out what lip color is good for your skin as well as your complexion.

Finding out what red shade best suits the skin complexion you have is critical. It is untrue that red lipstick only suits ladies that have fair skin.

There are several lipstick brands from which customers can select from in the modern market.

How To Select The Perfect Lipstick Shade for youSelecting the Right Red Lip shape for your skin Complexion

Very Fair Skin

For the ladies with this skin type, finding a lipstick shade that looks good on you is not much of an issue.

In fact, most of the red lip shades will look perfect on you. There is thus no need to worry about selecting the dark or bold colors since they will also look attractive on your lips.

You can thus select the faint or dark colors, depending on the one that you prefer or like best.

lipstick for fair skin

Peachy Pink Skin

For individuals with the skin complexion, there may be the need to make good choices for the lip shades.

To start with, it is critical to note that some of the red tones or shades will not appear attractive on the lips.

Even with the complexion type, using bright red shades is an option.  The shades will make you appear and look clean and bright.

It is also advisable to try the hot reds. You can wear Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick.

Olive and Yellow Skin

For individuals with these skin types, it is paramount only to use the red color that suits them best.

Wine toned or berry toned lipstick shades are the best for individuals in this group. This is the information given by the beauty experts.

The two options work well for the ladies. Some experts recommend the use of deep mauve also.

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color is popular even among most of the celebrities who fall in the category. Evidently, lip plumper can work well with the appropriate lip shade color.

Medium-Dark Skin

Most individuals think that only those with fair skin can use the red lipstick shades.

However, there are the red shades that best suit the ladies with medium-dark skin.

It is, therefore, paramount to select warm shades that complement the skin complexion. Most of the experts advise the use of lipsticks that have orange-red hues.

Dark Skin

Though the choices of red lipstick, dark women can use is limited, they still have choices.  Women in this category cannot use the bright or bold red shades.


What Else Do You Need to Consider?

It is vital to use a guide like the one discussed to select the best lipstick for your skin complexion.

However, different people will purchase products of varied brands. This will, of course, depend on some other factors. Price is one of them, whereby, one purchase the lip shade brand he or she can afford.  Individual’s preferences are also a factor.


Notably, having a red lipstick is vital for every woman. However, as mentioned, one needs to select or choose the best color for his or her skin type. Notably, you can always use the lipstick if you are in a hurry to use other makeup. For women who may be afraid of using the red lipstick thinking that it may not make them attractive, the guide should improve their opinion. Go out there and select that lipstick shade that looks good on you, makes you attractive as well as compliments your complexion.


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