The Harmattan season has begun in full force this year and as usual came with the dusty , dry , windy and sometimes cold nights. There are Harmattan Tools some people use to survive this harsh weather.

Lots of people can be seen around with dry skin , chapped lips and some even cracked feets ..It’s bursting lips, causing cracks on the skin and generally making people late to work.

So regardless of the fact that I’ve done a similar post previously, I’ve decided to share with you what I’ve tagged ‘My Harmattan survival kit’.

In order to protect ourselves from all these Harmattan hazards , i would be sharing with you some very important Harmattan Survival Tools

Harmattan Tools For Survival

1. Hand Lotions and Body Moisturizers.

Young woman with lotion in hands
Young woman with lotion in hands

This can come in very handy when you realize your skin looks like you dint amply a lotion . It is necessary to guard your skin against the harshness of this season to avoid breakage.


Quick Tip: Always have a hand lotion with you , a portable one to apply when necessary.

2.Lip balm

Chapped lips are definitely unattractive, not forgetting the pain they come with , in fact right now writing this post , my lip broke and i got blisters.



I wont want you to go through that . Always apply lip balm or lip gloss as the case may be .


3.Bottle of Water

No one is immune from dry lips this dry season! Here’s how to cope: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Water- Necessary Harmattan Tool

The cold weather makes water a little unattractive to drink, but it’s a sure way to stay hydrated so drink on.

drink water this harmattan to help your skin and body
Water- Necessary Harmattan Tool


During this season , most mornings are cold and also some nights windy. If you do go out early or get back in late always have a sweater handy.


In fact even when the sun is out sometimes the weather tends to be cold , surprised ? I  guess the weather is confused.

5. Sunshades

Protecting your eyes is important as sometimes the weather gets really windy or sometimes very sunny . Having a shade is important.


So my lovely reader , now that you are aware , do go ahead and equip yourself with these important tool .
What’s your Harmattan survival kit like? It’ll be great to hear, do share. Xx